June 2016

7 reasons why Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership is a success story

28 June 2016 Simon Hardy gives the facts about Corbyn's victories so far that you won't read in the rest of the press

Building a progressive majority: Left strategy after the Brexit vote

27 June 2016 After the EU referendum we are seeing both horror at anti-migrant sentiment and pandering to it, writes Joseph Todd – but only a radical economic offer can carve a way through

Five keys to understanding the Spanish election

27 June 2016 A second Spanish general election in six months saw gains for the right-wing PP, which is again expected to form a government. But the insurgent left has also shown that it is here to stay, writes Oscar Reyes.

New film: Kettling of the Voices

22 June 2016 A new film by Chester Yang uncovers the suppression of student protests in the 2010 uprising against tuition fees

So you think the EU can’t be reformed?

17 June 2016 A look at history will show you otherwise argues Hilary Wainwright and Mary Kaldor

Rolling blockade at Burghfield nuclear weapons factory

16 June 2016 Theo Simon writes from one of the longest continuous blockades of a nuclear weapons base

Awakening from a nightmare: hope in an Out vote

16 June 2016 Michael Calderbank forsees a bright future for the left in the event of an Out vote in the referendum

The Brexit nightmare

16 June 2016 Tom Walker imagines waking up screaming at the hard-right ascendancy following a referendum Out vote

Why the City loves the EU

15 June 2016 David Cameron’s EU deal has made the fight for democratic control of finance even 
more difficult, writes 
Kenneth Haar

It’s happening: 2016 is the year of climate disobedience

14 June 2016 Kara Moses describes a season of record-breaking milestones in the fight against climate change

We remember what Europe looked like before the EU

13 June 2016 Sirio Canós Donnay explains why countries that have suffered the most at the hands of the Troika, like Greece and Spain, are also the most pro-European

John McDonnell: it’s time for the left to save the Europe debate from the Tories

5 June 2016 Shadow chancellor John McDonnell puts forward the left wing case for voting to stay in Europe and transform it

Public event: Brazil’s crisis – what does it mean for the global left?

5 June 2016 Red Pepper, the Latin American Bureau and Practical Action Publishing host an evening of discussion on the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff and the future of the left in Brazil

Shake out your pockets for Shake!

3 June 2016 Help reinvigorate and strengthen UK grassroots social justice movements by sending young black and brown activists to a crucial training conference in Detroit

Right to be angry – but be angry with the right

2 June 2016 Siobhán McGuirk writes about scapegoating and anti-immigrant sentiment in the EU referendum debate

Are nuclear weapons being transported through your town?

1 June 2016 Ahead of a series of public meetings, Matt Hawkins calls on local communities to join the disarmament movement

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