May 2015

We need to reclaim the power, now more than ever

22 May 2015 Kara Moses explains the issues behind the upcoming Reclaim the Power climate action camp at Didcot power station

Seismic gender pay gap at King’s College London

17 May 2015 Jacqueline Robbins, a student at King's, has launched a campaign against the pay gap at the college

The IF Project Summer School: a free experiment in alternative higher education

15 May 2015 As the government attacks education, IF brings together those who want to teach and those who want to learn just for the love of it, writes Hilary Wainwright

Udita: the women garment workers standing up for themselves

15 May 2015 Tansy Hoskins takes a look at Udita, the new film from acclaimed documentary makers Rainbow Collective about female garment workers in Bangladesh

After the election: picking up the pieces

14 May 2015 Without pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will is useless, writes Luke Cooper

People’s Agenda profile 31: Precarious Workers Brigade

13 May 2015 The PWB are taking on precarious work in the education and culture sector, they tell us in this thirty-first People's Agenda profile

People’s Agenda profile 30: Shake!

13 May 2015 Shake! brings together young people, artists & campaigners to develop creative responses to social injustice, we find out in this thirtieth People's Agenda profile

People’s Agenda profile 29: WMD Awareness

13 May 2015 Getting young people active in the decision on Trident is the work of WMD Awareness, the twenty-ninth organisation profiled in our People's Agenda series

People’s Agenda profile 28: Psychologists Against Austerity

13 May 2015 Psychologists are speaking out against the damaging psychological costs of Austerity in this twenty-eighth People's Agenda profile

People’s Agenda profile 27: Independent Workers of Great Britain University of London branch

13 May 2015 The IWGB are taking on and winning high profile workplace struggles in traditionally precarious workplaces we find out in this twenty-seventh People's Agenda profile

Peoples Agenda profile 26: Joint Enterprise not Guilty by Association

13 May 2015 JENGbA are calling for the abolition or radical reform of the 'joint enterprise' law, they tell us in this twenty-sixth People's Agenda profile

People’s Agenda profile 25: English Collective of Prostitutes

13 May 2015 The ECP have been campaigning against laws that criminalise sex work for decades, we find out in this twenty-fifth People's Agenda profile

37% is not a majority – now is the time for proportional representation

10 May 2015 The voting system has been exposed as illegitimate in the eyes of millions – we have a historic opportunity to push for change, writes Nicole Anders

‘Don’t mourn, organise’ – OK, but how?

9 May 2015 The left must re-think its strategy and methods of organisation after the election, writes Michael Calderbank – not just throw ourselves back into the same schemes that aren't working

People’s Agenda profile 24: #LivingWageFootball

7 May 2015 Taking on Premier League clubs over their huge pay inequalities, Football Beyond Borders are our twenty-fourth People's Agenda profile

People’s Agenda profile 23: Disabled People Against Cuts

7 May 2015 DPAC have spent years campaigning for justice and independent living rights for all disabled people, they explain in this twenty-third People's Agenda profile

People’s Agenda profile 22: Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth

7 May 2015 From occupations to free kitchens, HASL explain that they're fighting gentrification and social cleansing in this twenty- second People's Agenda profile

People’s Agenda profile 21: Global Women’s Strike

7 May 2015 Demanding a living wage for all, Global Women's Strike are the twenty-first group profiled in our People's Agenda series

Honourable Friends? Parliament and the Fight for Change

6 May 2015 Honourable Friends? Parliament and the Fight for Change, by Caroline Lucas, reviewed by Ian Sinclair

Where do the parties stand on climate change?

6 May 2015 As election day gets closer, the Centre for Alternative Technology analyses the politicians' promises on the climate

‘F**k off back to Eton’ for number one?

5 May 2015 Jenny Nelson spoke to the musician who heckled David Cameron on the campaign trail and now aims for number one in the charts

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