January 2015

Greece: Syriza shines a light

31 January 2015 In 2012 Hilary Wainwright visited Athens to report on the rise of Syriza, the radical left coalition who have stormed to power Greece.

Is there still hope for the Labour Left in Scotland?

29 January 2015 Martyn Cook of the Campaign for Socialism looks at the Scottish Labour leadership contest and its aftermath

The rise of the ‘peer-to-peer populists’

29 January 2015 Paul Walsh argues that the success of Syriza has much in common with Spain's Podemos and Scotland's Radical Independence Campaign

From protest to power: the transformation of Syriza

26 January 2015 Marina Prentoulis reports on how Greeceā€™s left party Syriza is taking power with a new kind of organisation

Russian government bans transgender people from driving

26 January 2015 And other recommended reads from feminist blogger Emma Frankel-Thorin

How it feels to be in Athens today

26 January 2015 Paul Mackney writes from Greece on Syriza's victory and the atmosphere of celebration

Greece: Are you ready to grow young again?

25 January 2015 Kevin Ovenden writes from Athens on the eve of Greece's historic election

Mike Marqusee: A contender for the living

19 January 2015 Mike Marqusee was an extraordinary writer and activist who enriched the left in the UK and internationally, writes James O'Nions

Mike Marqusee’s columns: a look back

14 January 2015 As we remember Mike Marqusee, Nick Dearden highlights some of Mike's most timeless writing in Red Pepper

Tributes to Mike Marqusee from around the web

14 January 2015 Everyone at Red Pepper is devastated by the loss of our inspiring columnist Mike Marqusee

Forced labour: a growing problem

7 January 2015 It is not only migrants who are vulnerable to forced labour. As workers' rights are eroded, it is becoming a growing problem for us all, writes Emily Cousens

Editorial profile

1 January 2015 Red Pepper is a magazine of political rebellion and dissent. Influenced by socialism, feminism and green politics, it is a resource for all those who imagine and work to create another world - a world based on equality, solidarity, and democracy.

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