Rough trade: the new corporate power grab

24 February 2014 Trade and investment agreements currently being negotiated will mean the biggest corporate power grab in a decade. We need a new global movement to confront them, writes Nick Dearden

Bad deal for bees

24 February 2014 After the EU banned pesticides linked to declining bee populations, the companies that make them launched a court case to challenge the ban. Sandra Bell reports

The new scramble for Africa

24 February 2014 A host of new initiatives promise food security through ‘investment’. Christine Haigh examines the reality

Capital courts: how corporations can hold governments to ransom

24 February 2014 Transnational corporations have won shocking powers to sue sovereign states, writes John Hilary, and they are not shy of using them

Fifty years ago, Cassius Clay ‘shook up the world’ by winning the heavyweight title – and embracing the Nation of Islam

24 February 2014 Mike Marqusee remembers the victory of the underdog who became Muhammad Ali – and how it wasn't just sport's hierarchies that were rocked by it

The spirit of Stuart Hall

19 February 2014 Hilary Wainwright remembers the power of Stuart Hall’s being and thought

Disability protesters target Atos benefit test centres

19 February 2014 John Millington reports on the day of protest against Atos, the private firm that throws people off disability benefits

Arrested, suspended, then banned from elections: my student experience, by Deborah Hermanns

17 February 2014 University of Birmingham student Deborah Hermanns describes her experience of being arrested, released without charge and subsequently suspended from university and banned from running in the Birmingham Guild of Students elections

The urgent legacy of Stuart Hall

17 February 2014 Hall's ideas and example are crucial for understanding, and for changing, the twenty-first century world, writes Jeremy Gilbert

New media versus the state – Jeremy Scahill interview

17 February 2014 Campaigning US journalist Jeremy Scahill talks to Andrew Dolan about drones, US empire and the prospects for critical media in the digital age

3Cosas campaign begins national speaker tour

17 February 2014 Workers from the 3Cosas campaign will over the next two weeks travel across the UK to raise awareness of their fight for sick-pay, holidays and pensions

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about characters

17 February 2014 'Today’s politicians are boring. Perhaps that’s why they get away with so much'

Honduras: Force and fraud

17 February 2014 Social movements have denounced as fraudulent the election of Juan Orlando Hernández as president amid the murders of leftist party activists and the persecution of journalists. Roos Saalbrink reports

Black Star: Britain’s Asian Youth Movements

17 February 2014 by Anandi Ramamurthy, reviewed by Gus John

The Impossible Community: realising communitarian anarchism

17 February 2014 by John P Clark, reviewed by Chris Tomlinson

The Body Economic: why austerity kills

17 February 2014 by David Stuckler and Sanjay Basu, reviewed by Maureen Mackintosh

Conscience little stirred

17 February 2014 It took many decades and much bitter argument before the British left embraced the Palestinian cause, writes Mike Marqusee

Fascism, Games, and the human rights high horse

16 February 2014 Liberal Russians and Western campaigners alike are concerned about LGBTQ rights in Russia but not with the rest of the fascist package, says Anna Galkina

BBC’s ban on all-male panel shows: a step forward, but we need real equality

12 February 2014 It would be foolish not to welcome the ban, writes Jessie Thompson – but would equal air time for women really be so radical?

We must shout loud to link the floods to climate change

12 February 2014 We can't just wait for the floods to ‘wake people up’ to climate change – we need to confront the forces who are actively working to stop that happening, writes Adam McGibbon

Barclays bonuses show old habits die hard

11 February 2014 The huge payouts to bankers revealed today should prompt us to hammer on the windows of the City harder, writes Ben Greenhalgh

Seminar series ‘Bloomsbury Confrontations’ launches tonight

10 February 2014 Student group Better Economics UCLU launching seminar series on the economics UCL won't teach

Ukraine: another complex revolution

5 February 2014 Luke Cooper traces the Ukrainian movement's origins in the 'city square' movements – and looks at its potential to go from protest to power

Brighton & Hove’s council tax referendum: the pros and cons

5 February 2014 Ed Jones looks at the rights and wrongs of a referendum on whether to raise council tax by 4.75 per cent in order to protect services

The Shed is proving that theatre can tackle the issues of the day

3 February 2014 A temporary space at the National Theatre has been tackling a host of contemporary issues. Edd Mustill has been enjoying the show

Classic book: Winter in July

1 February 2014 Sarah Shoraka looks back at Winter in July by Doris Lessing

Bad News for Refugees

1 February 2014 Bad News for Refugees, by Greg Philo, Emma Briant and Pauline Donald, reviewed by Andrew Dolan

Marx’s Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism

1 February 2014 Marx’s Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism, by Peter Hudis, reviewed by Michael Calderbank

The Democracy Project

1 February 2014 The Democracy Project: a history, a crisis, a movement, by David Graeber, reviewed by Michelle Zellers


1 February 2014 Biohackers: the politics of open science, Alessandro Delfanti, reviewed by Leigh Phillips

Classic book: Policing the Crisis

1 February 2014 Tracey Jensen looks back at Policing the Crisis: Mugging, the state and law and order, by Stuart Hall, Chas Critcher, Tony Jefferson, John Clarke and Brian Roberts

Classic book: If They Come in the Morning

31 January 2014 Lola Okolosie looks back at Angela Davis' 1971 collection of essays

Managing Democracy, Managing Dissent

31 January 2014 Managing Democracy, Managing Dissent: capitalism, democracy and the organisation of consent, edited by Rebecca Fisher, reviewed by Bert Schouwenburg


31 January 2014 NHS SOS: how the NHS was betrayed – and how we can save it, edited by Jacky Davis and Raymond Tallis, reviewed by Jonathon Tomlinson

The new poll tax?

31 January 2014 It has attracted less attention than other welfare cuts, but the abolition of council tax benefit is having a severe impact, writes Unite community co-ordinator Pilgrim Tucker

The myth of the economic recovery

31 January 2014 Hugo Radice and John Weeks examine George Osborne’s claims of an austerity-driven return to growth

The new year’s feminist web round-up

27 January 2014 Feminist blogger Emma Frankel-Thorin shares the posts that have made her laugh and cry so far this year.

Cartoon: the sage on the stage

27 January 2014 Tips for organising from Hudson and Roberts

Gates unmasks the real face of Davos

25 January 2014 The global elites meeting at the World Economic Forum must not get away with pretending they have the interests of the world's majority at heart says Nick Dearden

To challenge global capitalism we must first understand it: an interview with Leo Panitch

23 January 2014 Leo Panitch speaks to Peter Newell and Sam Knafo about his book The Making of Global Capitalism – and what it means for strategy and action aimed at ‘un-making’ capitalism

Sochi will be remembered as the anti-gay Olympics

23 January 2014 LGBT people are the latest of many victims of Putin's strong-arm tactics - and the Winter Olympics are the cutting edge of his regime's homophobia, writes Peter Tatchell

Home of Mexican journalist Anabel Hernández attacked

21 January 2014 Home of journalist who exposed Mexican government's links to drug cartels raided by a dozen armed individuals, writes Andrew Dolan

Cold-home casualties

19 January 2014 An end to fuel poverty is affordable and achievable, but the opportunity is being lost in the continuing clamour for cuts, writes Alan Simpson

Justice not jumpers

19 January 2014 As more and more people face a choice between eating or heating this winter, it’s high time the ‘big six’ energy companies begin to feel the heat, says Ewa Jasiewicz

Step backward, leap forward

19 January 2014 Around the globe, new forms of governance are being sought to counter-balance the hyper-empire of global capitalism. Scotland is developing its own resistance, writes Tom Nairn, and England could follow suit

After the pilot culls, the campaign to defend badgers continues

19 January 2014 Badgers are the wrong target, says Hubert Cumberdale, as he looks at how activists combated the cull

Damage limitation: shining a light on Bell Pottinger

19 January 2014 Kara Moses and Tara Clarke explain why they glued themselves to the front door of one of the UK’s most influential public relations firms

Keeping faith with the Co-op

19 January 2014 Can a customer campaign maintain the Co-op Bank’s ethical policy and eventually remutualise it? It’s not that far fetched, argues Shaun Fensom

More views on Scottish independence

19 January 2014 Left wing Labour MP Katy Clark, Philip Stott of the Socialist Party and Carolyn Leckie of Women for Independence put their positions

Imagining a better nation: how independence could unlock Scotland’s potential

19 January 2014 The possibility of creating a fundamentally different Scotland, based on solidarity, togetherness and fairness, is beginning to galvanise radical thinking, argues Jim Johnson

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