The solitude of Latin America

1 June 2014 The famous literary style of Gabriel García Márquez was rooted in his politics. Delivering his Nobel Lecture in Stockholm in 1982, he addressed the legacy of colonialism – and his hopes for a better world

Inconvenienced: how the cuts have hit public toilets

1 June 2014 Over the past decade, nearly half of the country’s public toilets have been closed. David Dunnico considers how their disappearance affects the public space

The price of experience

1 June 2014 The personal is political in this extract from Mike Marqusee's new book of writings on living with cancer

Who cares? Life as a care worker

1 June 2014 Cuts and privatisation are taking their toll on undervalued home care workers and the people they care for. Ann McGauran reports

Democracy how?

1 June 2014 Nick Mahony examines a burst of new initiatives on public participation and their relevance to the left

Putting a gag on it

1 June 2014 Cristina Flesher Fominaya discusses how 15M activists in Spain are facing increasing repression – and using a range of tactics to resist it

A prefigurative strategy

1 June 2014 Marianne Maeckelbergh explains how, through non-hierarchical organising, social movements are attempting to be the change they want to see in Europe

A necessary rupture

1 June 2014 Panagiotis Sotiris says Greece’s austerity experience highlights why the left should be talking about exiting the Eurozone

Europe from below

1 June 2014 Donatella della Porta describes the changing pulse of European peoples and movements and argues it’s time to bust the myth of a non-political EU

Unequal opportunities

1 June 2014 Ken Jones says Michael Gove’s new system for testing pupils will exacerbate inequality

The path of peace

1 June 2014 More than a tactic, nonviolence is a philosophy for transformation, writes Satish Kumar

Lest we forget

1 June 2014 Thousands of Britons opposed and struggled against the first world war. Adam Hochschild celebrates their memory

Over the fence

1 June 2014 Kim Bryan reports on the struggles of sub-Saharan Africans attempting to migrate to Spain


1 June 2014 Biofuelwatch gave spoof awards to polluters for the ‘biomess’ they’ve made. Oliver Munnion reports

From small seeds

1 June 2014 Chris Smaje describes how a new alliance of small-scale farmers is shaking up UK food production

Editorial: Coming out of hiding

1 June 2014 This is a time when we can't afford just a handful of leaders, writes Michelle Zellers

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about the economy

31 May 2014 'Osborne looks like a man who can’t believe his luck'

I don’t care about the Lib Dems, but I’ll enjoy seeing them get their payback

30 May 2014 With or without Clegg at the helm, the Lib Dems will remain a party devoid of principles and heading for oblivion, writes Jessie Thompson

Slaney Street: Birmingham’s new co-operative media project

30 May 2014 Sean Farmelo looks at the growth of a local, independent voice in Birmingham

Can the birthplace of democracy provide the seeds of its renewal?

24 May 2014 The Syriza candidate for mayor of Athens is not promising to govern on the people's behalf, writes Hilary Wainwright, but together with a wide range of citizens' social organisations

In Italy, we don’t have a common left party, so we asked individuals to form the Tsipras list

20 May 2014 Lisa Mittendrein and Martin Konecny interview activists from the Bologna group of the Tsipras list, an alliance of individuals and social movements united behind SYRIZA's Alexis Tsipras in the upcoming European elections

Labourstart Global Solidarity Conference opens this Friday in Berlin

20 May 2014 Trade unionists from across the globe to meet to share ideas and strategies and to build transnational links

Workers are dying for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

19 May 2014 John Millington continues his reporting from the ITUC World Congress with a look at workers' rights issues around the World Cup preparations

The ‘United Nations of workers’ takes aim at finance

19 May 2014 John Millington reports from the ITUC World Congress

Summer event: the Spark

15 May 2014 A week of workshops, films, discussions, poetry, music, art and more, looking at the fight for social justice in the UK and around the world to take place in June

Shale Gas World is not a world we want to live in

13 May 2014 Today, Shale Gas World, and hundreds of key players in the shale gas industry, came to Birmingham's NEC. Thankfully we were there to meet them, writes Elizabeth Ferne

Fast food workers are hungry for justice worldwide

13 May 2014 Unions are preparing for an international day of action on fast food workers’ rights, bakers’ union president Ian Hodson reports

Take action

13 May 2014 Here are just some of the Europe-wide coordinated actions you can support before the European elections come to an end.

Brussels event: The People’s Tribunal

13 May 2014 Two day event to analyse and expose EU policy measures since 2008 financial crisis

Record-breaking subvertising campaign hits UK streets

12 May 2014 The Brandalism campaign has swapped hundreds of ads for art

Red Pepper event: What should the Left be demanding of Europe?

6 May 2014 Red Pepper hosts a special event in London on 20 May in the run up to the European Elections to look at the possibilities for an alternative, democratic Europe

Stagnation and securitisation: understanding the 2008 financial crisis

6 May 2014 Jack Copley provides an introduction to An Angry Person's Guide to Finance — a free Red Pepper pamphlet

Interview with former Yarl’s Wood detainee and asylum seeker Aderonke Apata

6 May 2014 'It is an indefinite thing, you do not know when you will be released'

Why prison isn’t working for women

30 April 2014 And other articles picked by feminist blogger Emma Frankel-Thorin over the last month.

Book review: Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty

30 April 2014 John Palmer argues that Piketty's bestseller presents a challenge to even the most blinkered of defenders of the present neo-liberal order

Tunisia: Families of martyrs and wounded on hunger strike against impunity

30 April 2014 Isabelle Merminod and Tim Baster report on the lack of justice three years after the fall of Ben Ali

Is there nothing G4S can do that will stop it getting government contracts?

30 April 2014 Just two years after its Olympics screw-up, the firm has been let back into the fold, writes Tom Walker

The government’s plan to give fracking firms the right to drill where they like

29 April 2014 Ben Greenhalgh looks at changes to the law that are likely to be proposed soon

Free event: London Radical Bookfair, Saturday 10 May

29 April 2014 Red Pepper joins other radical publishers, booksellers, artists and activists to takeover all 3 floors of the Bishopsgate Institute for the London Radical Bookfair and Alternative Press Takeover 2014

Portugal: The Carnation Revolution remembered

25 April 2014 On the 40th anniversary, Dick Barbor-Might looks back on a coup against a dictator that sparked a wider revolutionary upsurge

Protest tells Benetton to pay up for Rana Plaza victims

24 April 2014 Matthew Franklin reports on a protest that closed Benetton's flagship London store today

The environmental movement is kicking off down under

20 April 2014 Dom O'Dwyer reports on a new wave of direct action against coal and gas in Australia

Sweden’s Great Welfare Heist

19 April 2014 How Sweden’s public services were stolen, and how people are fighting to take them back. By Adam Bott

Gabriel García Marquez: much more than magical realism

18 April 2014 Matt Carr pays tribute to the author Gabriel García Márquez

How an anti-airport occupation became a battle for France’s future

15 April 2014 Emilie Papillon reports from the ZAD – an occupation of the site of a proposed airport that has turned into something more

Emailing in the evening? The new battle to keep work out of our free time

15 April 2014 Experiments with banning out-of-hours emails show that how much time off we get is political, writes Adam McGibbon

The Buzz Tour: walking across England to pollinate change on climate

13 April 2014 Eve Carnall invites you to join a ‘walking university’, sharing skills to tackle climate change

Free schools: freedom for whom?

10 April 2014 Andrew Dolan looks at the problems posed by free schools

The Maria Miller scandal shows a frightening chasm between politicians and the public mood

10 April 2014 Miller and the Tory leadership seemed baffled as to why her actions were deemed quite so repugnant, writes Jessie Thompson

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