North West London unites to fight fascist march in Cricklewood

15 July 2014 The South East Alliance (an offshoot of the Essex branch of the English Defence League) is a sad bunch of specimens labouring under the delusion that they are part of a master race.

Guerrilla woolfare

15 July 2014 As knitter-activists plan to stretch a seven‑mile scarf between two atomic weapons plants, Cynthia Cockburn considers how women worldwide bring feminism to the fight against militarism

Classic book: The Enemy Within

15 July 2014 Huw Beynon looks back at Seamus Milne's classic The Enemy Within: The Secret War Against The Miners

The trouble with biodiversity offsetting

15 July 2014 The fictional scenario of fracking in Regent's Park demonstrates how companies are set to gain from policy that offers them a 'licence to trash'.

Striking public sector workers show pain through passion

11 July 2014 John Millington reports on the July 10 strike

Video: TTIP day of action call out

5 July 2014 Behind closed doors, the EU and US are drawing up a new trade deal called the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership trade deal (TTIP) that must be stopped.

Macmillan Cancer Support gets it wrong, big-time

5 July 2014 The charity tries not to be 'political' – but it is embracing a highly ideological privatisation initiative, writes Mike Marqusee

Alien elements

3 July 2014 Ewa Jasiewicz discusses the work of Joanna Rajkowska, whose public art highlights tensions in the public consciousness

Event: Ukraine – the alternative road ahead

3 July 2014 House of Commons, Wednesday 9 July, 7pm

Remembering Maya Angelou

3 July 2014 And other online reads recommended by feminist blogger Emma Frankel-Thorin.

Event: DPAC Independent Living Day party and picnic this Friday

3 July 2014 Disabled People Against Cuts to host tea party in London this Friday to protest against the closure of the Independent Living Fund

The end of tolerance and the new populism

30 June 2014 Talk of growing Eurosceptic fringe groups masks ideological difference behind a single label of reactionary populism. Marina Prentoulis and Lasse Thomassen urge the left to show its new face

Blockupy and beyond

30 June 2014 The blockade of the European Central Bank in 2012 and 2013 started as a German initiative but has triggered an international movement responding to a Europe in crisis, writes Corinna Genschel

Resisting water privatisation under austerity

30 June 2014 With important victories at the local, national and regional level, the Water Movement provides key lessons for the resistance against the privatisation of public services in Europe, write Satoko Kishimoto and Olivier Petitjean

Network movements and the new ‛social atmosphere’

30 June 2014 New forms of social mobilisation by networked movements have created a new "social atmosphere" that is already having an irreversible impact on other more traditional social and political actors and their practices, writes Bernardo Gutiérrez

Book launch event: The politics of cancer in an age of austerity

29 June 2014 Join us for an evening of discussion at the London book launch of Mike Marqusee’s latest book ‘The Price of Experience: Writings on Living with Cancer’, Wednesday 2 July.

Event: The radical case for Scottish independence

23 June 2014 Join us at the House of Commons, Thursday 26 June

Sex, Race and Class

23 June 2014 Sex, Race and Class – the Perspective of Winning: a selection of writings 1952–2011, by Selma James, reviewed by Ruth London

Silence Would Be Treason

23 June 2014 Silence Would Be Treason: Last writings of Ken Saro-Wiwa, by Ide Corley, Helen Fallon and Laurence Cox (eds), reviewed by Sarah Shoraka

The Queer African Reader

23 June 2014 The Queer African Reader, by Sokari Ekine and Hakima Abbas (eds), reviewed by Mel Evans


23 June 2014 Creditocracy and the Case for Debt Refusal, by Andrew Ross, reviewed by Jonathan Stevenson

Stitched Up

23 June 2014 Stitched Up: The anti-capitalist book of fashion, by Tansy Hoskins, reviewed by Paul Collins

Beyond the European elections, another left-wing force is growing in Europe

20 June 2014 Pascoe Sabido from Corporate Europe Observatory reports back from mobilisations against austerity and big business around the EU elections

What is Ed Miliband playing at?

20 June 2014 John Millington asks: does Labour even want to win the 2015 election?

Support the South African platinum miners’ strike

19 June 2014 The six-month strike action might be nearing its end, but the suffering of union members and their families will continue. Supporters have begun a campaign calling for donations, Edward Dingwall reports.

Young people the latest target in Labour’s lurch to the right

19 June 2014 Labour's austerity-inspired welfare proposals will penalise young adults for circumstances beyond their control, writes Andrew Dolan

The tragedy of the private, the potential of the public

19 June 2014 Communities around the world are defending public services, making them more democratic and responsive to the people's needs and desires, writes Hilary Wainwright in a new report.

From the terraces to the boardroom

19 June 2014 With many elite football clubs now the indebted playthings of billionaire owners, football has become a game of two halves. Kicking from left to right, Jim Keoghan charts the rise of supporter ownership models.

Uneven playing fields

19 June 2014 Enjoyment of mega-sporting events such as the World Cup and critique of their context can and should go hand in hand, writes Mike Marqusee

El Salvador pregnancy laws protested in London

18 June 2014 With some of the strictest anti-abortion legislation in the world, Salvadoran women face prison even for pregnancy complications.

Tony Blair wrote an essay. I have marked it

18 June 2014 Alex Nunns runs his red pen over Tony Blair's essay on Iraq, Syria and the Middle East

Anyone but Ingerland?

18 June 2014 From the archives: Mark Perryman puts the case for flying the St George cross at the World Cup, while Mike Marqusee explains why he'll be rooting for any other country to win it (Published in issue 142, June 2006)

Belo Horizonte: Culture brews from below

16 June 2014 A thriving alternative scene occupies buildings and streets in one of Brazil’s largest cities. Tom Gatehouse takes us on a tour

Brazil’s Dance with the Devil

15 June 2014 Brazil’s Dance with the Devil by David Zirin, reviewed by Peter Chapman

Video: why UK Uncut are returning to Vodafone

13 June 2014 Lucy and Sarah from UK Uncut talk to the Artist Taxi Driver about their plans to return to Vodafone Saturday 14 June

Copa de Cash: saying this is a World Cup for everyone is a cruel joke

12 June 2014 The World Cup in Brazil will be a far cry from the inclusive and peaceful celebration it pretends to be, writes Tom Gatehouse

Keep water cannons off the streets of London

12 June 2014 Water cannons are weapons, writes Andrew Smith – they should have no place in the capital

The Failed Experiment

11 June 2014 The Failed Experiment, by Andrew Fisher, reviewed by Michael Calderbank

Practical approaches to nonviolence

11 June 2014 The Quaker group Turning the Tide works with communities in the UK and Kenya. Edward Dingwall caught up with Steve Whiting.

Our lives are militarised

11 June 2014 The PR strategy of placing soldiers at civil society events is examined by Sam Walton in a new Quaker Peace & Social Witness briefing.

Fighting for a future

10 June 2014 Workers at the University of London strike over job losses at Garden Halls accommodation, writes Andrew Dolan

Summer anti­war events and exhibitions

9 June 2014 The radical centenary of the first world war will include actions, films and workshops

The servant problem

9 June 2014 Josie Foreman of Feminist Fightback asks those who see themselves as on the left to reconsider employing a cleaner.

Putting the arms industry on trial

6 June 2014 Sean Douglas and other activists are prosecuting two companies that promoted torture equipment in the UK

Shirkers and conchies: how governments tried to silence WWI resisters

6 June 2014 Peace activists faced enemy treatment but left a legacy of perserverance, writes Tim Gee

The shocking conditions in Qatar’s World Cup project

3 June 2014 Chris Williamson MP reports on his fact-finding visit to the country

Yarl’s Wood sex abuse allegations

2 June 2014 And other recommended reads from feminist blogger Emma Frankel-Thorin over the last month.

Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner’s Guide

1 June 2014 Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner’s Guide, by Ben White, reviewed by Richard Kuper

Out of Time

1 June 2014 Out of Time: The perils and the pleasures of ageing, by Lynne Segal, reviewed by Catherine Hoskyns

The Fair Trade Scandal

1 June 2014 The Fair Trade Scandal: Marketing poverty to benefit the rich, by Ndongo Samba Sylla, reviewed by Christine Haigh

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