July 2014

Preston event: The radical case for Scottish independence

31 July 2014 Red Pepper magazine and The Hannah Mitchell Foundation invite you to hear the radical case for independence and to discuss what this could mean for the North of England

Behind the words of an Israeli government spokesman

29 July 2014 Alex Nunns removes PR waffle to reveal the painful truth of recent Israeli attacks on Gaza's hospitals and children

Reclaim the media!

29 July 2014 We urgently need to protect press freedom and media diversity across Europe.

Objects of change

24 July 2014 The new V&A exhibition Disobedient Objects is devoted to objects created by grassroots social movements as tools of social change. Danielle Child spoke to co-curator Gavin Grindon

Free Mahienour! Egyptian revolutionary and climate activist

22 July 2014 In May Egyptian revolutionary, climate activist and lawyer Mahienour El-Massry was unjustly jailed. Just before she was imprisoned she spoke to Mika Minio about her amazing work.

An overwhelming show of solidarity and support for the people of Gaza

22 July 2014 Kitty Webster reports back from the National Demonstration for Gaza held in London on Saturday 19 July 2014

Palestine: 6 simple acts of international solidarity

18 July 2014 Jenny Nelson looks at what you can do to help the people of Palestine

Urgent call from Gaza civil society: Act now!

18 July 2014 22 civil society organisations in Gaza ask you to campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel

Video: The secret deal that threatens the NHS

17 July 2014 Cancer patient Paul Giles travels to Brussels find out how the new TTIP trade deal could threaten NHS services

North West London unites to fight fascist march in Cricklewood

15 July 2014 The South East Alliance (an offshoot of the Essex branch of the English Defence League) is a sad bunch of specimens labouring under the delusion that they are part of a master race.

Guerrilla woolfare

15 July 2014 As knitter-activists plan to stretch a seven‑mile scarf between two atomic weapons plants, Cynthia Cockburn considers how women worldwide bring feminism to the fight against militarism

Classic book: The Enemy Within

15 July 2014 Huw Beynon looks back at Seamus Milne's classic The Enemy Within: The Secret War Against The Miners

The trouble with biodiversity offsetting

15 July 2014 The fictional scenario of fracking in Regent's Park demonstrates how companies are set to gain from policy that offers them a 'licence to trash'.

Striking public sector workers show pain through passion

11 July 2014 John Millington reports on the July 10 strike

Video: TTIP day of action call out

5 July 2014 Behind closed doors, the EU and US are drawing up a new trade deal called the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership trade deal (TTIP) that must be stopped.

Macmillan Cancer Support gets it wrong, big-time

5 July 2014 The charity tries not to be 'political' – but it is embracing a highly ideological privatisation initiative, writes Mike Marqusee

Alien elements

3 July 2014 Ewa Jasiewicz discusses the work of Joanna Rajkowska, whose public art highlights tensions in the public consciousness

Event: Ukraine – the alternative road ahead

3 July 2014 House of Commons, Wednesday 9 July, 7pm

Remembering Maya Angelou

3 July 2014 And other online reads recommended by feminist blogger Emma Frankel-Thorin.

Event: DPAC Independent Living Day party and picnic this Friday

3 July 2014 Disabled People Against Cuts to host tea party in London this Friday to protest against the closure of the Independent Living Fund