March 2014

Ideal homes: the story of eco co-op Lilac

31 March 2014 A recently completed project in Leeds could be a model for co-operative housing in the future. Jenny Nelson reports

Editorial: Rigging the rules

31 March 2014 We must understand and resist the onward march of corporate power, writes James O'Nions

Past visions, future dreams

31 March 2014 While art is always the product of a particular social and historical context, it cannot be reduced to that context, writes Mike Marqusee – not if it is of any lasting value

Maxine Peake: Doc Martens roots

31 March 2014 Jane Shallice interviews Maxine Peake, a committed socialist whose acting credits range from Veronica in Shameless to Martha Costello QC in Silk

Video: Farage vs Clegg – more prattle than battle

27 March 2014 Leigh Phillips says the so-called heavyweight rumble over the EU between Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg had no real discussion of the threats to European democracy, internationalism and social justice

Tony Benn’s ideas live on – and still have the potential to create a new society

27 March 2014 John McDonnell MP looks back at the Bennite programme of the early 1980s and its relevance to the struggles of today

Labour’s lost leader

27 March 2014 Leo Panitch assesses the legacy of Tony Benn

The centre cannot hold

25 March 2014 Leigh Phillips considers what the crumbling of support for mainstream parties means for the fortunes of the left and right in the coming European elections

Fighting fracking in Poland: the farmers’ resistance movement

25 March 2014 An improverished farming community in Żurawlów is using creative tactics to stop Chevron’s shale gas plans, writes Marta Rozmysłowicz

Democracy is nobody’s business

25 March 2014 Vicky Cann from Corporate Europe Observatory explains how politicians, corporations and lobbyists have put the cocktail reception at the heart of decision making in Brussels

A lack of ambition on climate

25 March 2014 Oscar Reyes explains why the EU is off target with its new 2030 climate plan

Bosnia in revolt

25 March 2014 Adam Blanden asks whether the social movement can win in the Balkans

The EU’s arms traders are ignoring human rights for short-term profits

25 March 2014 Andrew Smith looks at the hypocrisy of European arms sales to the Middle East and Africa

100 LGBTQ Black women you should know

25 March 2014 And other recommended reads from feminist blogger Emma Frankel-Thorin.

Anti-racist demonstration – in pictures

24 March 2014 Natasha Quarmby's photos of the weekend's 'M22' protest against racism and fascism

Drop the suspensions

24 March 2014 Campaign demanding the University of Birmingham drop the suspensions of two student protestors gains pace as demonstration called, writes Andrew Dolan

Stop the sell off

24 March 2014 Purchase Red Pepper's latest campaign briefing: 'The student loans sell off', by Andrew McGettigan

Slavery in the UK and the Modern Slavery Bill

24 March 2014 The Modern Slavery Bill provides an opportunity to address the long-standing problem of slavery in the UK, writes Gary Craig

Why immigration is good for all of us

24 March 2014 New Class and Red Pepper immigration briefing now online

Photos from the Fracked Future Carnival

19 March 2014 Protesters challenged the frackers as they gathered in London for a conference today, reports Kara Moses

An Angry Person’s Guide to Finance – a free Red Pepper pamphlet

19 March 2014 On budget day, we launch a new Red Pepper pamphlet by Jack Copley, aimed at making sense of the complex and frustrating financial world

Struggling for the right of existence; the memoirs of Daniel Bensaïd

18 March 2014 Jane Shallice reviews An Impatient Life: A Memoir (Verso, 2013) by Daniel Bensaïd and considers what the Left can learn from these beautiful memoirs

Honouring the Democrats

18 March 2014 Great Democrats, edited by A. Barratt Brown (Spokesman books), reviewed by Anthony Arblaster

Tony Benn really was ‘dangerous’ – to the establishment

15 March 2014 Hilary Wainwright looks back at how Tony Benn's frustrations in government spurred him to spend his life fighting for real democracy

Why I am an unrepentant Bennite

14 March 2014 Mike Marqusee remembers one of the great modern communicators of the socialist cause

Tony Benn: he encouraged me

14 March 2014 Alex Wood reflects on the huge political influence Tony Benn had on young activists

Exposing the biomass industry – take part in the Biomess Awards

13 March 2014 As the big players in Europe's biomass energy industry get ready for an exclusive industry conference in London, Biofuelwatch plan to host an alternative awards ceremony – the Biomess Awards – and everyone's invited

London: not for sale

11 March 2014 As the world's biggest property compaines meet to carve up our cities we must continue to fight back, writes Christine Haigh

If you don’t want your medical data to be bought and sold, you need to opt out now

8 March 2014 Hilary Rose issues an urgent call to opt out of the government's plans to let pharmaceutical firms and insurance companies see your health records

Ending the era of stale, male and pale economics

8 March 2014 Worldy Women Philosophers Ruth Potts and Molly Conisbee explain how recognising women's contribution to economic thought uncovers a very different set of ideas

Oil uprising: Two decades after Ken Saro-Wiwa’s death, the Ogoni struggle is reigniting

7 March 2014 Patrick Kane of War on Want and Sarah Shoraka of Platform report from the Niger Delta on the Ogoni people’s struggle against Shell and the wider mobilisation in Nigeria towards 2015 as a ‘year of change’

The British anti-war movement should be standing with anti-war protesters in Russia

5 March 2014 The argument against Western imperialism can only be strengthened by a firm opposition to other imperialisms, argues Mike Marqusee

People’s Parliament to hold two events this week

3 March 2014 The People's Parliament is back this week, hosting discussions on the citizen's income and the student movement

‘Extraction’ arts festival launches across North East

3 March 2014 Sixth edition of AV Festival launches, beginning a month of concerts, exhibitions and film screenings across the North East of England

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