Thatcher funeral: an alternative eulogy

16 April 2013 As Margaret Thatcher is seen off with pomp and circumstance, John Millington says her real legacy lies in the hollowed-out factories of Britain

We need to challenge the myths that poison attempts at progressive change

16 April 2013 Hilary Wainwright introduces the first in a series of mythbusters produced by Class, in collaboration with Red Pepper.

EDF’s abuse of power

15 April 2013 Power company EDF hit the headlines by threatening to sue climate campaigners for £5 million. Ewa Jasiewicz, one of the protesters, explains why they targeted the company

Thatcher: You’ve got to fight! For the left! To party!

12 April 2013 Commentators on both sides of the political spectrum say Thatcher ‘death parties’ are the thoughtless, tasteless products of a bandwagon-jumping youth. They should have more imagination, writes Siobhán McGuirk. This is an iconoclastic moment

Fighting back against finance

12 April 2013 Financialisation is the common ground for a multiplicity of struggles, writes Sarah-Jayne Clifton

Yield of dreams

11 April 2013 Nick Hildyard investigates the rise of private equity investment infrastructure funds in overseas development, and how they are turning public infrastructure into a new ‘asset class’

Fingers in the PFI

11 April 2013 Twenty years on from the introduction of the private finance initiative (PFI), Dexter Whitfield examines the effect it has had – and how it’s set to get worse under new Tory plans

Thatcher vs Bin Laden: the Daily Mail’s views on ‘sick death parties’

10 April 2013 Leigh Phillips says that the idea of 'showing respect for the dead' seems to be somewhat selective

Review: Riots Reframed

9 April 2013 Michael Pooler reviews a film that gives an alternative view of the 2011 riots

Thatcher: I don’t feel like dancin’

9 April 2013 Lynne Segal says those eager to dance on Thatcher’s grave have much thinking to do.

Dispelling the Thatcher myths

9 April 2013 Alex Nunns offers an antidote to the media fawning over Thatcher – and argues her biggest victory was getting her opponents to buy into her mythology

Five songs for the Thatcher funeral party

8 April 2013 On this sad day for the nation, Oscar Reyes suggests some tunes to help us all remember

Venezuela: Different priorities

3 April 2013 Jeffrey R Webber looks at the myths and the realities of the late Hugo Chávez’s impact on Venezuela, and considers the challenges ahead

Tunis: A tale of two World Social Forums

31 March 2013 The WSF needs updating for a post-Arab Spring, post-Indignado world, writes Nick Dearden. The problems and the possibilities were both on show in Tunisia

Singing our stories

28 March 2013 Socialist singer-songwriter Dave Boardman reviews Union Made, the new album by radical folk supergroup Union of Folk

Classic book: Further fragments

28 March 2013 As Beyond the Fragments by Sheila Rowbotham, Lynne Segal and Hilary Wainwright is set to be republished, Jane Wills looks at its significance

Austerity bites hard in the North East

27 March 2013 We chat to Clare Williams, Unison's Regional Convenor for the North, about the severe impact of austerity and what the resistance looks like.

Cruel Britannia: Brute detail

27 March 2013 Cruel Britannia: a secret history of torture, by Ian Cobain, reviewed by Frances Webber

Catastrophism: The truth won’t set you free

27 March 2013 Catastrophism, by Sasha Lilley, David McNally, Eddie Yuen and James Davis, reviewed by Nic Beuret

Reclaiming Public Ownership: a 21st-century vision

27 March 2013 Reclaiming Public Ownership, by Andrew Cumbers, reviewed by Clifford Singer

Beyond Walls and Cages: the politics of exclusion

26 March 2013 Beyond Walls and Cages: prisons, borders and global crisis, eds Jenna M Loyd, Matt Mitchelson and Andrew Burridge, reviewed by Lioba Hirsch

The Question of Strategy: an urgent discussion

26 March 2013 John McDonnell MP reviews The Question of Strategy - Socialist Register 2013

London Plane: a short story

25 March 2013 In 2012, Freedom from Torture ran a short story competition. This is the winner: Jocelyn Watson’s ‘London Plane’, which explores the isolation, memories, and hopes of a young asylum seeker in London

Thinking beyond boundaries

24 March 2013 Mike Marqusee on the importance of C L R James' Beyond a Boundary - beyond cricket

Renewable energy co-ops: the power to transform

24 March 2013 Pascoe Sabido looks at the growing global popularity of community-owned and controlled renewable energy

The secure and the damned

24 March 2013 Nick Buxton and Ben Hayes explore the growing emphasis on security and control over resources in response to climate change

The Afrikan Hip Hop Caravan: an alternative vision of hip hop

22 March 2013 Kaspar Loftin says a caravan across Africa is a revitalisation of the genre’s original political power

Davy Jones: diary of a ‘wannabe MP’

21 March 2013 Despite the public scorn for politicians, Green Party candidate Davy Jones explains why he believes there is an opportunity for radicals to get into parliament

Join the Barnet Spring march this Saturday!

21 March 2013 Barnet Alliance for Public Services invites you to join its battle against council privatisation

We can’t wish a new left party into existence

20 March 2013 Michael Calderbank offers an alternative view of Ken Loach’s appeal to discuss a new party

Can there be a new left party? Ken Loach – and 2,000 people – hope so

19 March 2013 Film director Ken Loach has called for the creation of a new party of the left in Britain. Kate Hudson explains why she is supporting the call

Edge Fund opens to second round of applications

18 March 2013 A new model for giving out money launched at the weekend when twenty-eight groups shared £40,000 in the first round of funding.

Spain: We don’t owe, we won’t pay

10 March 2013 Iolanda Fresnillo reports from Spain on the myriad ways Spanish people are facing down austerity

After the elections, the strange case of Italy

8 March 2013 Alessandra Mecozzi says Italian politics is broken, but the movements aren’t filling the gap

Women’s Library occupation: fighting the cuts on International Women’s Day

8 March 2013 James O'Nions reports from the women-led occupation of the Women's Library in London, which is due to be closed imminently

Debate: Is the ‘co-op council’ really co-operating with cuts?

8 March 2013 Local Labour councillor Edward Davie says Red Pepper’s recent article on Lambeth’s ‘co-operative council’ was disappointing. Below, council trade unionist Jon Rogers responds

Venezuela: The revolution begins today

8 March 2013 The death of Hugo Chávez is a fundamental test for the Boliviarian Revolution, writes Uruguayan anthropologist Daniel Chavez

Hugo Chávez: A giant has left us

6 March 2013 As the forces of reaction get ready to step up their offensive while trying their best to conceal their delight at Chávez’s death, Pablo Navarrete remembers his true legacy

Sussex university occupier: Why we’re fighting privatisation

1 March 2013 Ian Llewellyn, part of the Sussex occupation, looks at how the market has invaded universities – and what activists are doing about it

How Beppe Grillo stole the left’s clothes

1 March 2013 Lorenzo Fe argues that Italy's Five Star Movement owes a big debt to the left – but won votes by rejecting it

What would a shorter working week mean for us?

26 February 2013 James Angel of the New Economics Foundation explores what society could look like if we were working less and living more

Climate activists fight £5 million lawsuit

26 February 2013 Here are 5 ways you can help persuade energy company EDF to drop its legal action against campaigners of the group 'No Dash for Gas'.

The horsemeat scandal: Why vegetarians should worry too

26 February 2013 It’s not just meat that’s hiding secrets behind the label, writes Gary Craig

Wave of repression hits Turkish trade unionists

26 February 2013 Tim Baster and Isabelle Merminod report on the third police operation in 12 months against trade unionists in Turkey

Community centre resists Boris’ luxury flats

25 February 2013 The Library Street London collective explains how south London is not standing for the mayor’s ‘takeover’

The agonies of Bangladesh (and British ‘Islamo-fascist-left’ conspiracy theory)

22 February 2013 Ben Hayes responds to Nick Cohen's call for the left to 'pick sides' over the Shahbag protests in Bangladesh

Italian elections: choosing our ground

21 February 2013 As Italy prepares for elections, Elena Iannuzzi of the Leoncavallo social centre writes on how the movement has related to electoral politics

Cherán: the secession of a Mexican village

20 February 2013 Mike Aiken reports from the mountain community of Cherán which in 2011 responded to government inaction over illegal logging by setting up barricades and establishing their own autonomous local democracy

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about entitlement

20 February 2013 'Well might we muse upon the entitlement of a chancellor who, upon his father’s passing, will be titled'

Getting rich on disability denial

19 February 2013 Debbie Jolly reports on US insurance giant Unum, whose ‘biopsychosocial model’ is being used to justify the devastating cuts in disability benefits

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