Footage from occupied Greek TV station

3 September 2013 Earlier this summer Red Pepper co-editor Hilary Wainwright joined the occupation of Greek public broadcaster ERT.

Video: one man stops lorry

2 September 2013 Today a local resident and activist locked himself to a loaded lorry in protest against fracking.

Resisting fascism is not a crime

2 September 2013 Defend Savas Michael-Matsas and Constantinos Moutzouris

Classic book: Things Fall Apart

30 August 2013 Desiree Reynolds looks at Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

Personal critique – Why are We the Good Guys?

29 August 2013 Why are We the Good Guys? Reclaiming your mind from the delusions of propaganda, by David Cromwell, reviewed by Richard Goulding

State of mind – The Invention of the Land of Israel

28 August 2013 The Invention of the Land of Israel: from holy land to homeland, by Shlomo Sand, reviewed by Richard Kuper

India rising

27 August 2013 In an India characterised by deep social cleavages and the forward march of globalisation, social struggles have taken many forms, writes Ashok Kumar

Fighting a plague

27 August 2013 Mark Pendleton reviews two film histories of the inspiring story of AIDS activism in the US

Dictating the agenda – Murdoch’s Politics

27 August 2013 Murdoch’s Politics: how one man’s thirst for wealth and power shapes our world, by David McKnight, reviewed by Benedetta Brevini

The people’s painter

26 August 2013 Tate Britain’s L S Lowry exhibition seeks to rescue his work from the enormous condescension of the art world. Michael Calderbank spoke to co-curator Anne Wagner

Marching on to war – The March That Shook Blair

26 August 2013 The March That Shook Blair: An oral history of 15 February 2003, by Ian Sinclair, reviewed by Paul Anderson

India: Slums, students and resistance

25 August 2013 With 1.2 billion people, India is fast becoming one of the world’s major capitalist economies. Vijay Prashad offers some snapshots from a country where shining skyscrapers are springing up alongside ingrained mass poverty

Squat rot: plans to extend squatting ban

25 August 2013 Last September squatting in residential properties was criminalised. Now there are calls to extend the ban to commercial properties. Lorna Stephenson reports

Two brains to rub together – Genes, Cells and Brains

25 August 2013 Genes, Cells and Brains: the Promethean promises of the new biology, by Hilary Rose and Steven Rose, reviewed by Alice Bell

David Harvey interview: The importance of postcapitalist imagination

21 August 2013 From housing to wages, David Harvey says examining capitalism's contradictions can point the way towards an alternative world

Einstein had it right: John Kerry’s latest Middle East ‘peace process’

21 August 2013 Israel-Palestine talks will continue to fail until they are based on international law, human rights and equality for all, writes Phyllis Bennis

Anti-fracking camp in pictures

19 August 2013 Over the weekend hundreds of people converged on the village of Balcombe in West Sussex to protest against exploratory drilling for oil and gas.

Election diary: Lines of divide in Brighton

16 August 2013 Davy Jones is the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown at the next general election, blogging from the campaign trail. This time he looks at some key local issues

Giving homeless young people a voice through theatre

15 August 2013 Edd Mustill reviews Home, a play at the National Theatre Shed

Fighting and winning: the struggle for the Hackney Empire

15 August 2013 Taking on the Empire: How We Saved the Hackney Empire for Popular Theatre by Roland Muldoon, reviewed by Jane Shallice

India’s ‘rural reds’

15 August 2013 India’s communists were among the first in the world to be democratically elected to power. Kheya Bag looks at the history of the Communist Party of India-Marxist and the ongoing struggle for land reform

A dirty black hole

13 August 2013 From Wales to Colombia, the scourge of opencast coal mining is being driven by our continued dependence on this dirtiest of fossil fuels, writes Kelvin Mason

Education for Action: a new network to resist the commodification of education

13 August 2013 A report from a discussion in Leeds on what has been happening to adult and workers’ education

Relief can be revolutionary

13 August 2013 In the final installment of Ewa Jasiewicz’s blogs from Syria she explores the role that local relief organisations play in supporting the revolution

You are now entering the liberated area of Ma’rrat al Numan

12 August 2013 Ewa Jasiewicz travels to Ma’arrat al Numan – the frontline Syrian town that eventually managed to oust regime troops

Sponge Bob ‘Jeysh al Hurr’

11 August 2013 Ewa Jasiewicz discovers an unexpected symbol of the Syrian revolution in the fourth part of her blog series.

Climate change plc

10 August 2013 From offshore drilling to gas fracking, it’s boom time for fossil fuels and the City is at the heart of it. Oscar Reyes says we need to challenge finance to win climate justice

The local is not enough

10 August 2013 Greg Sharzer argues that movements have to confront the contradictions of capitalist crisis, and not simply try to carve spaces away from that crisis. Below, Hilary Wainwright responds

How slavery shaped Britain

10 August 2013 An online database of every slave owner who claimed compensation following the abolition of slavery in 1833 has been launched at University College London.

Fracking is just the beginning: the rise of extreme energy

10 August 2013 New extraction methods show the fossil fuel industry in confident mood. They are a new frontline in the fight against climate change, writes Charlotte Wilson

Reclaim the power! A call to action against energy austerity

10 August 2013 The corporate oligopoly that controls the electricity sector is sidelining renewables and pushing up energy prices, writes Aneaka Kellay

Hama here and there

10 August 2013 The story of Masoud, a wanted Syrian refugee, continues in part three of a series of blogs by Ewa Jasiewicz

Remembering Aleppo

9 August 2013 The second blog in a series on Ewa Jasiewicz's trip to Syria, tells us the dramatic story of Masoud.

Solidarity with Syria

8 August 2013 Ewa Jasiewicz explains the urgent need for left-wing activists in the West to act in solidarity with Syrian liberation struggles

Syria: The Physio

8 August 2013 Graphic reportage from the Syrian border, by Jon Sack

Upping the ante at Balcombe: Reclaim the Power camp to join Sussex resistance

6 August 2013 Fracking must be kept framed within its wider context of the dash for gas - and relocating the Reclaim the Power action camp to Balcombe will do just that, says Kara Moses

Radical wormholes: our favourite science fiction

5 August 2013 Debra Benita Shaw picks her top ten sci-fi novels that punch holes in capitalist reality

Other worlds are possible: science fiction authors roundtable

5 August 2013 Leigh Phillips joins authors Gwyneth Jones, Marge Piercy, Ken MacLeod and Kim Stanley Robinson to discuss the role of science fiction in extending the radical horizons of our imaginations

The tide is turning against privatisation

5 August 2013 Majority support public ownership of services says new poll

Young Writers’ Competition

5 August 2013 Win £100 and your writing published in Red Pepper

Balcombe: How Osborne’s fracking plans are re-energising the environmental movement

2 August 2013 Anders Lorenzen looks at the growing movement against shale gas

After Beyond the Fragments

1 August 2013 At a discussion in Manchester this summer, Alice Robson shared her experience of activism as a woman and how Beyond the Fragments is crucial reading for the new generation of feminists on the revolutionary left.

NHS financial squeeze is a contrived crisis

30 July 2013 Mike Marqusee says the problems at Barts health trust are caused by attempts to make impossible levels of cuts – while handing billions to private firms

Tunisia: A second political assassination, strikes and calls for the dissolution of the national assembly

30 July 2013 Isabelle Merminod and Tim Baster report on the latest events in Tunisia

Twenty years of peasant organising

24 July 2013 Adam Payne of the newly-formed Landworkers’ Alliance in the UK reports from La Via Campesina's global conference

‘An hereditary crown! A transmissible throne! What a notion!’

24 July 2013 Mike Marqusee notes Thomas Paine’s views on the ‘master-fraud’ of monarchy

We already have the technology for a fossil fuel-free world

24 July 2013 Kara Moses says a new online resource demonstrates that everyone on the planet can have a high-quality lifestyle with existing clean energy technologies

Uhuru Lumumba! A Season in the Congo review

23 July 2013 Catherine Hoskyns reviews A Season in the Congo at London's Young Vic

Bain Capital: the vampire firm that’s just bought our blood supply

21 July 2013 Tom Walker looks at the frightening history of the private equity firm

Ructions in Rio

20 July 2013 The scale of the protests rocking Brazil took everyone by surprise - even the demonstrators themselves. Sue Branford and Hilary Wainwright investigate where they came from and where are they going

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