July 2013

NHS financial squeeze is a contrived crisis

30 July 2013 Mike Marqusee says the problems at Barts health trust are caused by attempts to make impossible levels of cuts – while handing billions to private firms

Tunisia: A second political assassination, strikes and calls for the dissolution of the national assembly

30 July 2013 Isabelle Merminod and Tim Baster report on the latest events in Tunisia

Twenty years of peasant organising

24 July 2013 Adam Payne of the newly-formed Landworkers’ Alliance in the UK reports from La Via Campesina's global conference

‘An hereditary crown! A transmissible throne! What a notion!’

24 July 2013 Mike Marqusee notes Thomas Paine’s views on the ‘master-fraud’ of monarchy

We already have the technology for a fossil fuel-free world

24 July 2013 Kara Moses says a new online resource demonstrates that everyone on the planet can have a high-quality lifestyle with existing clean energy technologies

Uhuru Lumumba! A Season in the Congo review

23 July 2013 Catherine Hoskyns reviews A Season in the Congo at London's Young Vic

Bain Capital: the vampire firm that’s just bought our blood supply

21 July 2013 Tom Walker looks at the frightening history of the private equity firm

Ructions in Rio

20 July 2013 The scale of the protests rocking Brazil took everyone by surprise - even the demonstrators themselves. Sue Branford and Hilary Wainwright investigate where they came from and where are they going

No Dash for Gas responds to EDF’s call for dialogue

18 July 2013 After threatening to sue them for £5m, EDF invite the campaign group No Dash for Gas to be stakeholders in their business. They received a frank reply

FREE copy of Beyond the Fragments latest edition

15 July 2013 Get your copy of this much-discussed book when you become a Friend of Red Pepper today.

One year after London 2012, a call for a dissident Olympics in Rio

12 July 2013 Mark Perryman explores the necessity of a politics that takes the Olympics seriously

Ed Miliband praises Unison’s Labour fund ‘opt-in’… but it’s not that simple

10 July 2013 Jon Rogers explains the reality of the Unison union's political fund arrangements

Does Ed Miliband not want to be prime minister?

9 July 2013 John Millington responds to the Labour leader's speech on the party's links to the unions

No truck with legal aid reform

8 July 2013 New government plans would see representation of legal aid recipients handed to firms such as G4S and even trucking company Eddie Stobart, says Danny Chivers

Commemorating 40 years since Chile’s coup

7 July 2013 Keith Jackson previews a series of events that demonstrate the cultural vitality and political significance of a distinctive socialist movement

Injustice in court

4 July 2013 The extension of secret courts and devastating cuts to legal aid show the government’s contempt for the British justice system, says Jon Robins

The Knife shake it to the left

4 July 2013 The haunting and abrasive new album from The Knife challenges common assumptions about political music, says James Taylor

We could have won!

4 July 2013 Mike Marqusee looks back at the rate-capping revolt of the 1980s, and how close it came to victory

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about people’s concerns

4 July 2013 'Most people are not cold-blooded and are quite shocked when they learn how low benefits actually are'

Egypt’s still-unfinished revolution: celebration and danger

4 July 2013 Whether or not the events in Egypt constitute a military coup, Morsi’s fall portends great excitement but even greater dangers, writes Phyllis Bennis

Summer of action

4 July 2013 Red Pepper’s guide to the camps, the demos, the schools, the festivals and the protests that will be making our summer

How to avoid burnout

4 July 2013 The London Roots Collective shares its tips on how to be an effective, radical and sustainable activist

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