June 2013

Anti-G8 action in pictures

28 June 2013 You sent us your pictures of anti-G8 action this month in London

We must have a far-reaching inquiry into police spying

25 June 2013 Kevin Blowe responds to the latest revelations that police spied on community groups and campaigns for justice for those that died custody

The People’s Assembly – an absentee contribution

21 June 2013 Mike Marqusee looks at the choices and debates this Saturday's People's Assembly will face

Oil City: campaigning theatre

19 June 2013 Siobhan McGuirk experiences Oil City, an immersive, site-specific play produced by campaign group Platform

Soldier Box: an antidote to the government line

19 June 2013 Soldier Box by Joe Glenton, reviewed by Josh Watts

Brazil: The giant has awoken

19 June 2013 Matthew Richmond writes on Brazil's growing mass movement

The closure of ERT is a litmus test for the Greek left

19 June 2013 Nicholas Vrousalis argues that the left must not only defend Greece's state broadcaster, but raise the demand for workers' control

Brazil: This is about public transport fares – but it’s about much more too

19 June 2013 Sean Purdy, an activist in São Paulo’s Free Fare Movement, gives an update on events in Brazil

Review – You Can’t Evict an Idea

18 June 2013 Liam Sheehan reviews You Can't Evict an Idea, by Tim Gee

Brazil: protests highlight the gulf between politicians and the people

18 June 2013 Tom Gatehouse reports on the movement sweeping Brazil

North Korea: War games gone wrong

18 June 2013 Tim Beal examines the US ‘playbook’ miscalculations that underlie the current US-North Korea crisis

Why we must intervene and compete with the capitalist media

18 June 2013 Holly Rigby reports from the launch of a new radical media project in Scotland

Yoga and politics

17 June 2013 Davy Jones, a yoga teacher and political activist in Brighton, draws an unusual link

The day Greece’s TVs went dark

17 June 2013 Hilary Wainwright reports from Thessaloniki on what happened when the state ordered Greece’s state broadcaster to shut down

Editorial: Anti-establishment politics done right

10 June 2013 UKIP is occupying space that should be the terrain of the left, writes Emma Hughes

Classic book: The Bell Jar

8 June 2013 Mel Evans takes a look back at The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, 50 years on

Biomass: the trojan horse of renewables?

7 June 2013 The government plans to make up to three quarters of the UK's renewable energy target with biomass – but it falls short of the mark, says Almuth Ernsting of Biofuelwatch

Winning at Walmart

7 June 2013 The OUR Walmart campaign has been shaking up labour organising in the US. As they prepared for their current strike, Alex Wood spent a month with the people behind a new kind of fightback

‘In Gezi Park there is free food, medical care, a kids’ area and a library’

7 June 2013 Ece Bulut gives us the latest from Istanbul’s Gezi Park, and looks at how the movement is organising – and changing people

Toxic gas: why we need to stop fracking

7 June 2013 Tony Bosworth and Helen Rimmer report on plans to expand fracking across the UK and look at why we need to leave shale gas in the ground

Video: The story of the No Dash for Gas 21

7 June 2013 In November 2012 twenty-one environmental activists shut down and occupied EDF-owned West Burton gas fired power station. For 8 days they remained on top of two chimneys, stopping 20,000 tons of carbon dioxide being emitted. This is their story

Paper walls – Borderline Justice

7 June 2013 Borderline Justice: the fight for refugee and migrant rights, by Frances Webber, reviewed by Matt Carr

No Dash For Gas activists told to do (more) community service

6 June 2013 Joel Benjamin reports as climate campaigners avoid jail sentences

Rio’s iron heel

6 June 2013 As host of the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, the Brazilian government is trying to ‘pacify’ the gangs in Rio’s favelas. But, Mike Davis reports, the needs of the favelados have taken a back seat

This is the week Labour turned its back on the welfare state

6 June 2013 As Ed Miliband backs a cap on benefits spending, Tom Walker says that the more you read of Labour’s new welfare policies, the worse it gets

Revenge of the east – From the Ruins of Empire

6 June 2013 From the Ruins of Empire: the revolt against the west and the remaking of Asia, by Pankaj Mishra, reviewed by Jonathan Steele

Erdogan and the ‘looters’: what’s behind the protests in Turkey

5 June 2013 Ali E Erol gives some background to the Turkish movement, and how it is challenging the prime minister’s version of ‘ethics’

Canary Wharf: the dark tower

5 June 2013 This month the sterile steel of Canary Wharf will play host to anti-G8 protests. Daniel Turi of Occupy London gives us the lowdown on the speculators’ skyscrapers

K – Tales of the disappeared

5 June 2013 Jan Rocha writes on Bernado Kucinski’s novel K, with its insight into the experience of military dictatorship in Brazil

GDP: A not so magic number

5 June 2013 Gross Domestic Problem: the politics behind the world’s most powerful number, by Lorenzo Fioramonti, reviewed by Marco Berlinguer

We’re striking to support the movement – interview with Turkish union activist

4 June 2013 John Millington speaks to Ertan Elsoy, an activist in the Kesk union which has called a two day strike to support the rebellion

What’s the problem with the If campaign?

4 June 2013 A G8 summit coming to Britain traditionally heralds the launch of a large campaigning coalition of international NGOs. Kai Grachy takes a critical look at the 2013 version: the If campaign

Istanbul: a tree grows in Gezi

4 June 2013 Kevin Buckland reports from Istanbul on the movement so far - and what it means to people

Women’s arrows – New South Asian Feminisms

4 June 2013 New South Asian Feminisms: paradoxes and possibilities by Srila Roy (ed), reviewed by Adele Webb

Naples: A city centred

4 June 2013 The media image of Naples as a dirty, crime-ridden, industrial dump masks the hidden life of a much maligned and misunderstood city, writes Nick Dines

Syria: We need to stop a new war in the Middle East

4 June 2013 The Syrian civil war is spreading, writes Phyllis Bennis – but US military action is the last thing the country needs

Video: the first week of resistance in Istanbul

3 June 2013 An activist video summarising events so far at the Gezi Park occupation - and how it sparked a mass movement across Turkey

Regulating the Rigsbys: the dodgy letting agents hitting the jackpot

3 June 2013 Dry rot? Tough. You want your deposit back? No chance. Michael Pooler looks at how anyone with a phone line can become a private letting agent

Jesus the red?

3 June 2013 As the new pope settles into his job, it’s worth recalling that Christianity is built around the very opposite of a respected figure of authority, argues Terry Eagleton

Red Pepper is looking for a photo researcher

2 June 2013 Got an eye for a good image? Join our print magazine production team

What’s happening in Istanbul? A letter from Turkey

2 June 2013 Sumandef Hakkinda writes on what's behind the movement - and how Turkish media are refusing to report it

Modern as tomorrow: Gangsters

1 June 2013 Capitalism is a racket, its power underwritten by violence. BBC TV’s Gangsters from the 1970s has a depth of insight that most contemporary dramas lack, argues Frank Carney

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