May 2013

Brushing history against the grain

31 May 2013 We can’t decipher the present without examining its foundations in the battles of the past, writes Mike Marqusee

Straight outta Kilburn: a manifesto to challenge neoliberalism

31 May 2013 If neoliberalism has failed, why does it keep on going? Red Pepper caught up with the authors of the ‘Kilburn Manifesto’ to discuss their effort to find fresh ways out of the impasse

Celebrating the summer of resistance

30 May 2013 Sarah Shoraka looks ahead to a summer of mass actions and reflects on why the biggest threat to the status quo is when we take to the streets

Upholding a coup: Haiti’s New Dictatorship

30 May 2013 Haiti’s New Dictatorship by Justin Podur, reviewed by James O’Nions

Woolwich: Muslims have nothing to apologise for

29 May 2013 Assed Baig says Muslim organisations should stop rushing to condemn a murder that had nothing to do with them

World Social Forum: A new turn in Tunis

28 May 2013 The World Social Forum in Tunisia was framed as the alter-globalisation movement meets the ‘Arab spring’. James O’Nions reports back from Tunis on how both sides of that equation are faring

The People’s Assembly: making a movement?

28 May 2013 The People’s Assembly will bring together thousands of anti-cuts campaigners and trade unionists in June. Red Pepper asks Owen Jones what the assembly might add to existing anti‑cuts initiatives

The EDL – a challenge for the trade union movement

28 May 2013 John Millington calls for working class unity against the racist English Defence League

Equal marriage: DUP homophobia blocks equal marriage in Northern Ireland

24 May 2013 Equal marriage must come to Northern Ireland, writes Adam McGibbon

To ‘Camp Frack’, and beyond!

24 May 2013 Paul Mobbs reflects on the national extreme energy gathering, and the challenges for our campaigns during the coming year

After Woolwich – Stand together against the politics of hate

23 May 2013 Michael Calderbank says nothing excuses the Woolwich killing - but the hands of our political classes are no less besmirched with blood

Confronting the climate crisis: interview

22 May 2013 Kara Moses speaks to UCU's Graham Petersen ahead of the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group's conference bringing together climate scientists, trade unionists and environmental activists.

Dawkins vs democracy

22 May 2013 Leigh Phillips looks at Richard Dawkins’ proposal to put scientists instead of bishops in the House of Lords

The Spark of learning

22 May 2013 Morten Thaysen Laurberg previews a week of workshops, skill shares, organising, and talks in London in the lead up to the G8

Right-to-buy in the great rip-off economy

22 May 2013 On the Woodberry Down estate in Hackney, all the council homes are being demolished in a £1billion regeneration project. It is a perfect illustration of why we have such a housing shortage says Koos Couvée

The Condition of the Working Class: what’s changed?

21 May 2013 Filmmakers Mike Wayne and Deirdre O’Neill discuss their new Engels-inspired documentary, The Condition of the Working Class, with Clive James Nwonka

Resist and transform: the struggle for water in Greece

21 May 2013 A combination of opposing privatisation and putting forward practical alternatives is helping water campaigners mount an effective challenge to austerity in Greece. Hilary Wainwright reports

The seven faces of Michael Gove

21 May 2013 Mike Peters looks at how the Tory education secretary uses the words and ideas of the left to win support for his policies

Fasting to support Guantanamo Bay hunger strikers

21 May 2013 We spoke to Maya Evans during her fast over the weekend in solidarity with Guantanamo Bay hunger-strikers

A new party of the left comes one step closer

16 May 2013 Salman Shaheen of Left Unity, the group supporting Ken Loach’s call for a new left party in Britain, reports from its first national meeting

Genius and the soil

15 May 2013 State and corporate interests have sought to crack down on the power to share information digitally. But could the new technologies point towards a more democratic model of creativity, asks Jonathan Gray

‘Never again!’ says Germany’s anti-national movement

14 May 2013 Raphael Schlembach reviews Against the Nation: Anti-National Politics in Germany, by Robert Ogman

The Brighton pay dispute: the union view

11 May 2013 GMB union organiser Rob Macey puts the workers' side of the argument

Diary of a ‘wannabe MP’: local elections, UKIP and the left

10 May 2013 Davy Jones is Green Party parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown at the next general election and a member of Red Pepper’s board. This is the second of a series of regular blogs on his campaign

The pay dispute at Brighton council: a Green view

10 May 2013 Davy Jones, Green Party parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown, gives his view of a dispute that has caused huge debate among Green Party members in the city and across the country

South Africa’s poor resist home attacks

10 May 2013 Amid Britain's decision to cut aid for South Africa by 2015, Caroline Elliot hears from poor shack dwellers who vow to resist the destruction of their homes.

Open House begins this weekend in London

9 May 2013 A nine-day event bringing together people facing the housing crisis across London to organise and take action around our collective housing needs

Call to protect Colombian human rights defender

7 May 2013 On 10 October 2012, a man pushed a gun into the chest of Alfamir Castillo and told her that both she and her lawyer were going to die.

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about the right to exist

7 May 2013 'We’d all say a person has a right to a home, but we wouldn’t say their home has rights.'

Private tenants need protection

3 May 2013 Jeremy Corbyn MP explains why legislation is urgently needed to help tenants who find themselves at the mercy of private landlords

Back to the fragments

3 May 2013 Lynne Segal, one of the authors of the seminal 1979 socialist-feminist text Beyond the Fragments, reflects on its lessons for today

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