February 2013

What would a shorter working week mean for us?

26 February 2013 James Angel of the New Economics Foundation explores what society could look like if we were working less and living more

Climate activists fight £5 million lawsuit

26 February 2013 Here are 5 ways you can help persuade energy company EDF to drop its legal action against campaigners of the group 'No Dash for Gas'.

The horsemeat scandal: Why vegetarians should worry too

26 February 2013 It’s not just meat that’s hiding secrets behind the label, writes Gary Craig

Wave of repression hits Turkish trade unionists

26 February 2013 Tim Baster and Isabelle Merminod report on the third police operation in 12 months against trade unionists in Turkey

Community centre resists Boris’ luxury flats

25 February 2013 The Library Street London collective explains how south London is not standing for the mayor’s ‘takeover’

The agonies of Bangladesh (and British ‘Islamo-fascist-left’ conspiracy theory)

22 February 2013 Ben Hayes responds to Nick Cohen's call for the left to 'pick sides' over the Shahbag protests in Bangladesh

Italian elections: choosing our ground

21 February 2013 As Italy prepares for elections, Elena Iannuzzi of the Leoncavallo social centre writes on how the movement has related to electoral politics

Cherán: the secession of a Mexican village

20 February 2013 Mike Aiken reports from the mountain community of Cherán which in 2011 responded to government inaction over illegal logging by setting up barricades and establishing their own autonomous local democracy

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about entitlement

20 February 2013 'Well might we muse upon the entitlement of a chancellor who, upon his father’s passing, will be titled'

Getting rich on disability denial

19 February 2013 Debbie Jolly reports on US insurance giant Unum, whose ‘biopsychosocial model’ is being used to justify the devastating cuts in disability benefits

Scouse: a class accent

18 February 2013 Michael Calderbank speaks to Tony Crowley, author of Scouse: A Social and Cultural History

February 15, 2003: The day the world said no to war

15 February 2013 Phyllis Bennis argues that while the day of mass protest did not stop the war, it did change history

Egypt: The revolution is alive

15 February 2013 Just before the second anniversary of the Egyptian revolution, Emma Hughes spoke to Ola Shahba, an activist who has spent 15 years organising in Egypt

Councils and the cuts in Wales – event report

15 February 2013 Darren Williams, secretary of Welsh Labour Grassroots, reports from a day school in Cardiff on councils and the cuts

Workfare: a policy on the brink

14 February 2013 Warren Clark explains how the success of the campaign against workfare has put the policy’s future in doubt

Solidarity with Max Watson and Jawad Botmeh

13 February 2013 Two members of London Metropolitan University Unison, including the branch chair, have been suspended. Union activists launched a campaign to defend them

Tenant troubles

13 February 2013 The past year has seen the beginnings of a vibrant private tenants’ movement emerging. Christine Haigh reports

Tunisia’s poet and politician: who was Chokri Belaid?

12 February 2013 The assassination of opposition figure Chokri Belaid has sparked a new surge in the Tunisian movement. Mohamed-Salah Omri explains who he was and why he mattered

Co-operating with cuts in Lambeth

12 February 2013 Isabelle Koksal reports on how Lambeth’s ‘co-operative council’ is riding roughshod over co-operative principles in its drive for sell-offs and cuts in local services

Elective surgery: a new party for the NHS

11 February 2013 Alex Nunns interviews Clive Peedell, co-leader of the new National Health Action Party, which will fight the next election on the issue of the government’s destruction of the NHS

The health hurricane: a year of destruction in the NHS

11 February 2013 Alex Nunns looks at the gale of privatisation, sell-offs and cuts in services blowing through the health service

Video: Peter Tatchell speaks on economic democracy

8 February 2013 We expect political democracy, argues Peter Tatchell, so why not economic democracy too?

Council housing shouldn’t just be for the poor

8 February 2013 Martin Wicks, Secretary of Swindon Tenants Campaign Group, tells us why we must defend 'secure tenancies' for council tenants and resist means-tested council housing

Interested in joining our editorial collective?

1 February 2013 We're looking for a new voluntary co-editor to join Hilary, Michael, Emma and James in leading the Red Pepper project