December 2013

Successes of 2013

31 December 2013 Andrew Dolan looks back at some of the brighter moments from the last twelve months

Women deserve better birth – NHS staff deserve better too

19 December 2013 Feminist Fightback argue that women and health workers need to fight on the same side.

Editorial: Winter chill, political spring

19 December 2013 A two-year price freeze on energy bills, while welcome, is hardly sufficient, writes Michael Calderbank

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about voting

19 December 2013 'The thing that surprises me is not that Westminster politics are found to be boring, but rather that so many journalists find them so interesting'

Review – What Should We Tell Our Daughters?

19 December 2013 Kate Pickett and her 19 year old daughter Bronwen Pickett review What Should We Tell Our Daughters? by Melissa Benn.

December’s feminist web round-up

19 December 2013 Recommended reads by feminist blogger Emma Frankel-Thorin

We can win: stories from 50 years of struggle

16 December 2013 Film launch night and an evening of discussion on economic justice movements past and present

Radical Emissions Reduction: to counter climate change we need radical social movements

15 December 2013 Gabriel Levy reports from a conference that brought together activists and academics from the social sciences with climate scientists and engineers

#copsoffcampus at the University of London

14 December 2013 Thousands of students and staff protest against police on campus, writes Andrew Dolan

Cops Off Campus mobilisation video

11 December 2013 Today students protest around the country against police intimidation and violence

The Poverty of Capitalism: roundtable

9 December 2013 Red Pepper reports back from a lively event held in London to launch John Hilary’s new book The Poverty of Capitalism. Joining him for a roundtable discussion were Doreen Massey and Francisco Dominguez

A cool look at climate

7 December 2013 Ian Sinclair asked four of the top climate change experts in the UK about what actions people and countries must take to stop runaway climate change – and the consequences of not doing so

Nelson Mandela, CLR James and the Brixton radicals: how South Africa inspired South London

6 December 2013 When Nelson Mandela came to Britain, the one place he visited beyond Westminster and Buckingham Palace was Brixton – and he had a rapturous welcome. Here Darcus Howe looks back at how the anti-apartheid movement interwove with the experience of black people in the UK

To do justice to Mandela’s life, the struggle must continue

5 December 2013 Brian Ashley of South Africa's Amandla magazine says that in the battle to overcome inequality and achieve social justice, we will need many more Nelson Mandelas

Nelson Mandela: a man who showed that individuals can make a difference

5 December 2013 William Gumede pays tribute to the anti-apartheid leader – and contrasts his example to today's ANC

Nourishing the hunger

5 December 2013 Jane Trowell talks to poet Sai Murray about his collection Ad-Liberation

A poem in memory of our disabled dead

4 December 2013 Merry Cross writes to mark this week's International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Win top price tickets to see The Duck House

3 December 2013 Enter our free prize draw to see this new West End political comedy.

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