November 2013

Activist high

30 November 2013 Ali Garrigan talks to Kara Moses about climbing the Shard, western Europe’s tallest building, for Greenpeace’s Save the Arctic campaign

Feminist web round-up

30 November 2013 The latest online reads collected by feminist blogger Emma Frankel-Thorin

Exhibition: ‘small change’

29 November 2013 Bob Gaunt visits an exhibition about change in real and imagined cities.

Held hostage by Big Pharma: a personal experience

26 November 2013 Mike Marqusee looks at how drug firms can make huge profits from their state-enforced monopoly on an essential good

Event: Susan George in London

24 November 2013 Join Red Pepper for an evening of drinks and discussion with Susan George at the launch of her latest book in London Wednesday 4 December 7pm

How the corporate elite win the class war

24 November 2013 John Palmer reviews Susan George's latest book How to Win the Class War: The Lugano Report II

Chile’s fractured social movement

22 November 2013 Protests for better healthcare on an archipelago off the coast of Chile demonstrate the successes of local mobilisations, but also the failures of the larger social movement, write Rosalind Adams and Charlotte Sexauer

UN climate talks: pit-stops on the road to nowhere?

21 November 2013 Corporate interests undermined this month's climate change talks in Poland , writes Niccolo Sarno

Event: What next for Greece?

20 November 2013 Join us for an evening of discussion at the London book launch of 'Crucible of Resistance: Greece, the Eurozone and the World Economic Crisis', Monday 25 November.

House party to bring down rents

18 November 2013 Let Down occupy luxury flats to highlight extortionate rents and government subsidies to for-profit developers

Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield

18 November 2013 Jeremy Scahill's new film details the damaging rise of U.S. drone use and covert operations across the globe and makes its UK premiere on November 29

Visions of utopia: Soviet posters of the 1920s and 1930s

18 November 2013 Unique collection of Soviet propaganda posters is now on display at Pushkin House

Editorial: The powers that see

16 November 2013 While surveillance may feel vast, looming and obscure, writes Michelle Zellers, it isn’t separate from the other battles we’re fighting

Indefensible design: the high social costs of ‘security’

16 November 2013 The pedlars of gates, alarms and CCTV have an ever-growing business. It’s the community that pays, according to research by Anna Minton and Jody Aked

Colonial oversight

16 November 2013 As they colonised the world, European governments invented techniques for tracking the people they conquered. Elia Zureik reveals how domestic spying has roots in imperial history

How the cops try to predict our next move

16 November 2013 As civil dissent ramps up, UK secret police discover new modes of repression. Kevin Blowe reports on cops, ‘kettles’ and a database profiling thousands of activists

Drone wars

16 November 2013 Michelle Zellers spoke with Medea Benjamin, author of Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control and founder of the US-based anti-war group Codepink, who was arrested in May for interrupting Barack Obama’s speech on his drone programme

Menwith Hill: Drop the base

16 November 2013 The NSA’s base in North Yorkshire goes unnoticed, even in the wake of Edward Snowden’s revelations. Lindis Percy discusses the fight for accountability

GCHQ: Any phone, any time

16 November 2013 Enjoying lenient surveillance laws, GCHQ has enticed its American counterpart to set up camp in Britain. Richard Norton-Taylor reports

After Snowden: protecting our data

16 November 2013 Edward Snowden’s revelations highlight the need for stronger privacy laws – and more. Ben Hayes outlines key demands for reining in the surveillance state

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about war

15 November 2013 'The thing we should know by now is that unpicking their motives doesn’t really help to demolish their case'

Beating the blacklisters

14 November 2013 A police raid exposing the scale of worker surveillance within the construction industry galvanised workers to take action. Ewa Jasiewicz speaks to those organising against the blacklisters.

Event – Socialist Register: Ralph Miliband and the Politics of Class Today

14 November 2013 Readers of Red Pepper are invited to a Socialist Register discussion on Ralph Miliband and the Politics of Class Today

Solidarity shopping: consumers of the world unite

11 November 2013 Campaign to launch an online cooperative shop underway

#3Cosas: University Of London workers protest

11 November 2013 Novara Media reports from the 3Cosas demonstration at Senate House

Demonstration to save the University of London Union

11 November 2013 Students and workers to mobilise on Wednesday 13th November to fight the closure of ULU

‘Our feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit’?

9 November 2013 Laura, a member of the Feminist Fightback Collective reviews a workshop at the Feminism in London Conference this autumn.

Union conference demands justice for Kazakh oil workers

7 November 2013 Gabriel Levy reports from a meeting of independent trade unionists from the former Soviet Union in Ukraine

Time for a Basic Income

7 November 2013 One year ago Red Pepper published a piece on the Basic Income, is it time to consider this idea a little more seriously? writes Andrew Dolan