January 2013

Labour and the cuts: beyond the ‘dented shield’

31 January 2013 The scale of coalition cuts means the very future of local public services is in jeopardy. Michael Calderbank asks whether Labour councillors can do more than offer verbal protest and practical acquiescence

Laurie Penny speaks on women and protest

23 January 2013 In a public talk last night Laurie Penny argued that anger over sexism is mounting, the left is struggling to respond and there's more to feminist history than the Suffragettes. Jenny Nelson reports.

Facing reality – after the crisis in the SWP

22 January 2013 John Palmer looks at some of the roots of the party's problems, and asks where the left can go from here

Degenerates remembered

22 January 2013 Ian Hunter looks at an exhibition and project remembering persecuted artist Kurt Schwitters

Starting a workers’ co-op

20 January 2013 Why suffer the tyranny of a boss when you can set up your own democratic workplace? Seeds for Change Lancaster provides some pointers

A class act

18 January 2013 Nicholas Beuret looks at E P Thompson's classic The Making of the English Working Class

Can’t see the wood for the desert

16 January 2013 Isaac Rojas looks at the spread of ‘green deserts’ swallowing up vast tracts of the global South

A flame of butterflies

14 January 2013 Flight Behaviour, by Barbara Kingsolver, reviewed by Kitty Webster

Resistance is fertile over third runway

12 January 2013 As proposals for a new runway at Heathrow are resurrected, Isabelle Koksal visits the eco-settlement set up to stand in its way

The benefit freeze: taking from the poorest to give to the richest?

11 January 2013 Debbie Jolly and Merry Cross from the Disabled People Against Cuts group, write that the Coalition’s promise to protect disabled people has been proven to be an outright lie

Athenian nights

10 January 2013 Discordia: Six nights in crisis Athens, by Laurie Penny and Molly Crabapple, reviewed by Mel Evans

Economic odysseys

6 January 2013 Scattered Sand: the story of China’s rural migrants, by Hsiao-Hung Pai, reviewed by Greg Fay

Why the Walmart campaign matters

4 January 2013 New York based journalist, Ari Paul, examines the unionist uprising against Walmart since the factory fire in Bangladesh, and why this bottom-up campaign could really make a difference

Tokyo, behind the bright lights

4 January 2013 Mark Pendleton shows us round the Japanese capital, a hive of anti-nuclear activism

Essay: Political organisation in transition

3 January 2013 Hilary Wainwright opens the new year ambitiously! She discusses how to transform the state and why radical politicians find it so difficult to maintain their radical momentum once in parliament or the council chamber. How could this change?

Lively London

2 January 2013 London’s Overthrow by China Miéville, reviewed by Frank Carney