Arab streetwise: the counter-culture of the revolutions

25 August 2012 The uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt have been sustained by an active countercultural scene, discovers Lorenzo Fe

Austerity for the people, welfare for the banks

24 August 2012 Andrew Bowman and Leigh Phillips look at how central banks have used the crisis to carve out a new role – from propping up bankers to toppling governments

Biting the rotten Apple: Taking on Foxconn

23 August 2012 Jenny Chan talks about her campaigning with workers in China

Bradford’s revolt: Why I left Labour to back Respect

22 August 2012 Bradford community activist Naweed Hussein had been a member of the Labour Party since his teens – until he left to join George Galloway’s victorious by-election campaign. Here he speaks to Jenny Pearce

Keynes is the problem, not the solution

21 August 2012 Economist Harry Shutt argues that Keynes' economic theories have ultimately served to propel capitalism towards corrupt and terminal failure

Marikana massacre: A brutal tragedy

21 August 2012 Red Pepper’s South African sister paper reports on the slaughter of 34 Marikana mineworkers

Lines of battle in the NHS

21 August 2012 It is not inevitable that the feeding frenzy of privateers will succeed as people organise to resist them, writes Caroline Molloy

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about greed

20 August 2012 'In a market-driven society, it is a tribute to human decency that anyone behaves with any morals at all'

Atos sponsors the Paralympics? It’s enough to make you scream

19 August 2012 The role played by disabled groups, far from being one of passive victims, is exemplary for collective resistance, writes Michael Calderbank

John Lewis cleaners celebrate victory

16 August 2012 Alex Wood writes that the success of the IWW's campaign shows that even small numbers of workers, when acting collectively, can win

Pussy Riot: Feminism on trial in Russia

16 August 2012 As the verdict is announced on the controversial Pussy Riot case, Kate Fulton examines the global impact of the trial

Remploy: Factories floored

13 August 2012 There has been a wave of resistance to plans to close Remploy factories, which provide safe employment to disabled people. Tim Hunt reports

A critical perspective on the Olympic enterprise

10 August 2012 Mike Marqusee argues that the ceaseless injunction to consume, cheer and celebrate the Olympics has made the enjoyment of competitive sport something it is not and never should be – mandatory

Occupy Kinder Scout: remembering the mass trespass

9 August 2012 Rights of access in the UK owe much to a mass trespass onto Kinder Scout 80 years ago, Dave Toft writes

Nicaragua: 21st century Sandinismo – or losing the revolution?

8 August 2012 The left is split over the achievements and compromises of today’s Sandinistas, following the re-election of Daniel Ortega as president in November. Here we present two views

Classic book: Let Me Speak!

8 August 2012 Nick Caistor takes another look at Domitila Barrios de Chungara's story of life in Bolivia's mining villages

Central America: Taking a stand over land in Honduras

7 August 2012 In post-coup Honduras, campesinos are having to fight biofuel barons for their land, reports Mike Gatehouse of the Latin America Bureau

Multiple perspectives

7 August 2012 Marine Ices, by Tony Garnett, reviewed by Sheila Rowbotham

US imperialism in Central America

6 August 2012 Grace Livingstone gives an overview of overt and covert US military and intelligence interventions

Central America: Return of the death squads

6 August 2012 Responding to drug-related violence is a convenient pretext for the region’s elites to achieve some rather different objectives, writes Annie Bird

A different solution

6 August 2012 To Cook a Continent: destructive extraction and the climate crisis in Africa, by Nnimmo Bassey, reviewed by Tim Gee

Alan Morrison: A polemical poet

5 August 2012 Jan Goodey meets poet Alan Morrison and explores his latest work on mental illness

In a sniper’s sights

5 August 2012 The Only House Left Standing: the Middle East journals of Tom Hurndall, reviewed by Ewa Jasiewicz

Cities of struggle

4 August 2012 Rebel Cities: from the right to the city to the urban revolution, by David Harvey, reviewed by Andre Pusey

Pussy Riot would have been acquitted by the jury

3 August 2012 Kirill Martynov interviews Violetta Volkova, the lawyer defending feminist punk group Pussy Riot

Film: Inside Remploy

3 August 2012 As the company faces complete closure by the government, this short from Small Axe Films meets Remploy workers in Barking who fear they will never work again

A People’s Games on the roads of Surrey

2 August 2012 Mark Perryman sees the potential for a different Games at Wednesday’s Cycling Time Trial

A day at the Olympics, pluses and minuses

31 July 2012 Author of a new book on the Olympics, Mark Perryman, shares his experience of a day spent at London 2012

Green Party: Left foot forward?

31 July 2012 James O’Nions reviews the leadership contenders and asks what it tells us about the current state of the Green Party

WAPC movement still going strong

31 July 2012 Despite Britain’s coal mining industry having been reduced to five deep mines, the Women Against Pit Closures movement is alive, well and campaigning nationally and internationally, writes Peter Lazenby

The neoliberal Games: who are the real winners from London 2012?

27 July 2012 Far from embodying some timeless ‘Olympic spirit’, the 2012 Games reflect the injustice and inequality of the current economic system, writes David Renton

Olympics: The Games turned upside down

27 July 2012 The famous clenched-fists image of Tommie Smith and John Carlos protesting against black oppression at the 1968 Olympics is worth revisiting as London 2012 presents us with a regime of licensed private dictatorship, writes Mike Marqusee

The Olympic flame burns, but the economy’s in the tank

27 July 2012 The media-fuelled Olympics hysteria provides a major distraction from our rapidly deteriorating economy, argues Paul Collins

The Olympics’ security legacy

27 July 2012 Hosting the Olympics could have a serious impact on the civil liberties of people in east London, writes local resident and community activist Kevin Blowe

A red dawn over Durham?

26 July 2012 US labour activist Steve Early evaluates the significance of Miliband’s recent appearance at the Miners' Gala, the first from the Labour leadership in 23 years

Syria: Which road for Damascus?

22 July 2012 The pressure to ‘do something’ about the killings and repression in Syria is immense. Phyllis Bennis cautions against simplistic answers

How the ‘shabby’ Unison leadership put workers’ rights in jeopardy

20 July 2012 Witch-hunted activist Glenn Kelly explains how the actions of the UNISON leadership could have seriously weakened a worker's right to take on their employers in the courts

Peer-to-peer production and the coming of the commons

19 July 2012 Michel Bauwens examines how collaborative, commons-based production is emerging to challenge capitalism. Below, Hilary Wainwright responds

Policing dissent at London 2012

19 July 2012 With numerous groups planning to protest during the Olympics, Jules Boykoff asks how British security forces will respond to people exercising their right to dissent

A New Dawn? John Lewis cleaners’ strike

13 July 2012 Alex Wood argues this morning's picket lines could mark a new era of labour organising

Rights to contraception and abortion must go hand-in-hand

12 July 2012 As a major DfID-sponsored family planning conference focuses on access to contraception, Natalie Bennett argues that we musn't dodge the question of women's rights to abortion too

Going private? Here’s an offer you can’t refuse!

12 July 2012 Red Pepper writer and NHS campaigner Alex Nunns replies to a rather curious job offer from a private healthcare company

Dawkins’ support for private schools lets Loch Ness Monster into biology class

11 July 2012 Leigh Phillips argues that the radical privatisation of education is leading to creationist teaching in US classrooms

African labour and the Chinese dragon

8 July 2012 Róisín Hinds reports from the Zambian Copperbelt, a site of intense labour conflict linked to Chinese investment

High-speed rail is a rich man’s plaything

6 July 2012 HS2 will benefit a few corporate centres and leave everyone else behind, argues Mike Geddes

Guerrilla guide: Boycott, divestment, sanctions

5 July 2012 As the Co-op announces a boycott of companies exporting from West Bank settlements, Tom Anderson explains how to do ‘BDS’

What are they building in there?

5 July 2012 Emma Hughes writes about the mysterious piece of art activism happening this weekend

McKinsey’s unhealthy profits

4 July 2012 Stewart Player and Colin Leys on the consultancy firm making a fortune from the privatisation of the NHS

Cwtch: What Occupy did next in Wales

3 July 2012 Amy Hall reports on how Occupy Swansea has spawned a series of occupied social centres in the city

Why being green does not mean being poor

3 July 2012 Climate Justice Collective’s Alex Granger dispels the myth that investment in renewables is behind rising energy costs

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