September 2012

Keep Radical, and Carry On: The Cuts Cafe

29 September 2012 Cuts Cafe opens its doors on October 5th, Ewa Jasiewicz explains what will be happening in the cafe.

The Red Pepper round-up: 28 September

28 September 2012 The week around the web and upcoming actions, with Izzy Koksal

Bring on your wrecking ball: the politics of Bruce Springsteen

28 September 2012 Huw Beynon and Steve Davies consider the significance of an artist whose new album targets the bankers’ crisis

Classic book: Frankenstein

27 September 2012 Mads Ryle looks at the continuing relevance of Mary Shelley's classic to debates about science, technology and nature today

Shedcasting in Surbiton

26 September 2012 Michael Calderbank visits the suburban garden of radio broadcaster and DJ Mark Coles, an unlikely location for an internet-based radio show

Paraguay: A well-rehearsed coup

24 September 2012 Francisco Dominguez examines the background to the overthrow of the legitimate president of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo, and calls for the restoration of democratic rule

The Red Pepper round-up: 21 September

21 September 2012 The week around the web and upcoming actions, with Izzy Koksal

The Dutch elections: From euphoria to red neoliberalism?

18 September 2012 Hilde van der Pas describes how high hopes for a strong Socialist Party vote and a Labour majority gave way to a right dominated coalition with Labour, and draws out the options for the future

Politics, our missing link

17 September 2012 A movement without an electoral intervention is doomed to lose out, argues Mike Marqusee

Knowing Too Much: A new view of Jerusalem

15 September 2012 Knowing Too Much: why the American Jewish romance with Israel is coming to an end, by Norman Finkelstein, reviewed by Richard Kuper

The Red Pepper round-up: 14 September

14 September 2012 A selection of ace articles and videos from this week and upcoming actions for the following week, by Izzy Koksal

Leila Khaled: The woman behind the symbol

13 September 2012 Leila Khaled: Icon of Palestinian Liberation, by Sarah Irving, reviewed by Hilary Aked

The Red Pepper round-up: 7 September

7 September 2012 Red Pepper’s weekly round-up of the left around the web, with Izzy Koksal

Event: Tackling tax havens

6 September 2012 Ethical Consumer magazine to host event tackling the issue of tax justice on 28 September

Practical action: Beautiful Trouble

6 September 2012 Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution, eds Andrew Boyd and Dave Oswald Mitchell, reviewed by Justin Jacoby Smith

Community organising – a new part of the union

4 September 2012 Richard Goulding looks at how Unite’s community union membership is working. Below, community activists and others respond

Northern soul: Socialism with a Northern Accent

2 September 2012 Socialism with a Northern Accent, by Paul Salveson. reviewed by Michael Calderbank

Alternative Olympianism

2 September 2012 Why The Olympics Aren’t Good For Us, And How They Can Be, by Mark Perryman, reviewed by Kevin Blowe

Disabled activist: Why we blockaded the DWP

1 September 2012 Ciara Doyle explains why she chained her wheelchair to block the DWP as part of yesterday's anti-Atos protest

The financial enclosure of the commons

1 September 2012 Finance capital is seeking to extend the privatisation of natural resources we hold in common, writes Antonio Tricarico

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