July 2012

A day at the Olympics, pluses and minuses

31 July 2012 Author of a new book on the Olympics, Mark Perryman, shares his experience of a day spent at London 2012

Green Party: Left foot forward?

31 July 2012 James O’Nions reviews the leadership contenders and asks what it tells us about the current state of the Green Party

WAPC movement still going strong

31 July 2012 Despite Britain’s coal mining industry having been reduced to five deep mines, the Women Against Pit Closures movement is alive, well and campaigning nationally and internationally, writes Peter Lazenby

The neoliberal Games: who are the real winners from London 2012?

27 July 2012 Far from embodying some timeless ‘Olympic spirit’, the 2012 Games reflect the injustice and inequality of the current economic system, writes David Renton

Olympics: The Games turned upside down

27 July 2012 The famous clenched-fists image of Tommie Smith and John Carlos protesting against black oppression at the 1968 Olympics is worth revisiting as London 2012 presents us with a regime of licensed private dictatorship, writes Mike Marqusee

The Olympic flame burns, but the economy’s in the tank

27 July 2012 The media-fuelled Olympics hysteria provides a major distraction from our rapidly deteriorating economy, argues Paul Collins

The Olympics’ security legacy

27 July 2012 Hosting the Olympics could have a serious impact on the civil liberties of people in east London, writes local resident and community activist Kevin Blowe

A red dawn over Durham?

26 July 2012 US labour activist Steve Early evaluates the significance of Miliband’s recent appearance at the Miners' Gala, the first from the Labour leadership in 23 years

Syria: Which road for Damascus?

22 July 2012 The pressure to ‘do something’ about the killings and repression in Syria is immense. Phyllis Bennis cautions against simplistic answers

How the ‘shabby’ Unison leadership put workers’ rights in jeopardy

20 July 2012 Witch-hunted activist Glenn Kelly explains how the actions of the UNISON leadership could have seriously weakened a worker's right to take on their employers in the courts

Peer-to-peer production and the coming of the commons

19 July 2012 Michel Bauwens examines how collaborative, commons-based production is emerging to challenge capitalism. Below, Hilary Wainwright responds

Policing dissent at London 2012

19 July 2012 With numerous groups planning to protest during the Olympics, Jules Boykoff asks how British security forces will respond to people exercising their right to dissent

A New Dawn? John Lewis cleaners’ strike

13 July 2012 Alex Wood argues this morning's picket lines could mark a new era of labour organising

Rights to contraception and abortion must go hand-in-hand

12 July 2012 As a major DfID-sponsored family planning conference focuses on access to contraception, Natalie Bennett argues that we musn't dodge the question of women's rights to abortion too

Going private? Here’s an offer you can’t refuse!

12 July 2012 Red Pepper writer and NHS campaigner Alex Nunns replies to a rather curious job offer from a private healthcare company

Dawkins’ support for private schools lets Loch Ness Monster into biology class

11 July 2012 Leigh Phillips argues that the radical privatisation of education is leading to creationist teaching in US classrooms

African labour and the Chinese dragon

8 July 2012 Róisín Hinds reports from the Zambian Copperbelt, a site of intense labour conflict linked to Chinese investment

High-speed rail is a rich man’s plaything

6 July 2012 HS2 will benefit a few corporate centres and leave everyone else behind, argues Mike Geddes

Guerrilla guide: Boycott, divestment, sanctions

5 July 2012 As the Co-op announces a boycott of companies exporting from West Bank settlements, Tom Anderson explains how to do ‘BDS’

What are they building in there?

5 July 2012 Emma Hughes writes about the mysterious piece of art activism happening this weekend

McKinsey’s unhealthy profits

4 July 2012 Stewart Player and Colin Leys on the consultancy firm making a fortune from the privatisation of the NHS

Cwtch: What Occupy did next in Wales

3 July 2012 Amy Hall reports on how Occupy Swansea has spawned a series of occupied social centres in the city

Why being green does not mean being poor

3 July 2012 Climate Justice Collective’s Alex Granger dispels the myth that investment in renewables is behind rising energy costs

Poverty pay is no alternative to workfare: Why we’re telling Sainsbury’s to Pay Up

1 July 2012 Ewa Jasiewicz writes on the campaign to win supermarket workers a Living Wage

The Greek elections, before and after: two letters about the fortunes of Syriza

1 July 2012 Chris Jones, who lives on the Greek island of Samos, writes to a friend about the meaning of the elections

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