June 2012

Why are wind farms sparking protest?

30 June 2012 Continuing controversy over wind farms in Wales illustrates the need for a redistribution of power and wealth in the energy sector, writes Kelvin Mason

A new Cymru – Leanne Wood interviewed

28 June 2012 Emma Hughes spoke to Plaid Cymru’s new left-wing leader Leanne Wood

Native peoples left out in the cold at Rio+20

26 June 2012 The Rio+20 Summit was largely inaccessible to those most impacted by socio-environmental destruction, says Jeff Conant

Netroots UK 2012

26 June 2012 Hundreds of bloggers, tweeters and online campaigners will gather for a day of training, networking and debate on digital activism

Murdoch is unfit and improper – but how do we get rid of all the press barons?

26 June 2012 Emma Hughes introduces James Curran and Donnacha DeLong, who argue that while Murdoch may be on the ropes, the power of the media mogul is far from vanquished

Rio+20: The Great Moving Nowhere Show

25 June 2012 Oscar Reyes reflects on the Rio+20 Summit, and whether the plans outlined for sustainability really do represent ‘the future we want’

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about the press

24 June 2012 'The fact the country is not overrun with lynching parties must mean not all readers take the papers seriously'

Inside the Fan Zone: Corporate control at Euro 2012

22 June 2012 Mark Perryman writes from Ukraine on the top-down regime operating at Euro 2012 - and its parallels with the London Olympics

Reclaiming our NHS

22 June 2012 This weekend healthcare campaigners will gather for a conference on how to fight the Coalition’s newly passed Health Act. Alex Nunns assesses their options

In for the long haul

22 June 2012 The limits of the possible have expanded beyond the depressing confines of market fundamentalism, writes James O'Nions

Ill Manors, reductionist politics?

21 June 2012 Plan B's debut film portrays extreme anti-social behaviour in working-class and ethnic minority communities. The film could prove to be Conservative propaganda for Broken Britain, argues Clive Nwonka

Review: The Missing Billions

18 June 2012 As UK Uncut win their case at the high court to challenge the Goldman Sachs tax deal, Kitty Webster reviews the new documentary 'The Missing Billions'

Review: The Palestine Nakba

18 June 2012 Bernard Regan reviews Nur Masalha’s account of Palestinian history and the significance of the Nakba in the Israel-Palestine conflict

EVENT: Reclaiming the NHS

16 June 2012 Red Pepper continues support at the Keep Our NHS Public conference on Saturday 23 June

Save Lambeth Women’s Project!

15 June 2012 Larne from Lambeth Women's Project calls for support as the group faces eviction after 30 years

They’re all in this together

15 June 2012 After Cameron’s slick performance at the Leveson Inquiry yesterday, Karin Wahl-Jorgensen takes a look at those questions that left the PM looking uneasy

SYRIZA: Building on the democracy of the square

14 June 2012 Babis Agrolabos looks at SYRIZA's history and what it has done since the elections

Expelled Labour councillor hosts first anti-cuts conference

11 June 2012 Tom Robinson attends the first of George Barratt’s Barking and Dagenham Against the Cuts Conference

The Spanish bank bailout: digging a deeper hole

11 June 2012 A Spanish bank bailout of up to €100 billion will worsen the country’s debt dependency and prolong austerity, writes Oscar Reyes

Family attack: The truth about the right to family life

10 June 2012 As Theresa May launches a high-profile attack on the right to family life, Kate Blagojevic looks at what the rights she wants to remove really mean

Tickets, Anybody Got Tickets?

8 June 2012 The London Olympics 2012 is a once-in-a-lifetime event. So why, asks Mark Perryman, have so few of us got tickets?

Fence Records: ‘We’re not trendy, we’re not competing, we just do our thing’

6 June 2012 Johnny Lynch (aka The Pictish Trail) tells Emma Hughes that artist-run record label Fence is staying true to its roots

Breakthrough of the Left Front in France

6 June 2012 Christophe Aguiton looks at the foundations and future of Jean-Luc Melenchon's Left Front and left politics in France

Barcelona: Neighbourhoods of noise

4 June 2012 Anna Gurney offers a guided tour to resistance past and present in the Catalan capital of Barcelona

100 Years on: The Miners’ Next Step

4 June 2012 Peace News' Ian Sinclair examines the publication of a ground-breaking pamphlet on its 100th anniversary

The Courageous State: Rethinking economics, society and the role of government

4 June 2012 By Richard Murphy, reviewed by Heather Blakey

It’s the taking part

4 June 2012 According to the organisers, encouraging participation in sport is one of the main benefits of the London 2012 Olympics. Mark Perryman examines the evidence

A voice for the north

2 June 2012 Paul Salveson pushes for devolution in the north of England

Republicans prepare for riverbank jubilee protest

1 June 2012 Republic's Graham Smith makes the case for joining the dissenters during this Sunday's pomp and circumstance