May 2012

UK Uncut London Street Party

31 May 2012 Video: Footage from the UK Uncut London street party on 26 May

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about the jubilee

30 May 2012 'Do we really want the bother of an elected president? Isn’t a Windsor a familiar and convenient alternative?'

Interview: The man expelled from Labour for opposing cuts

28 May 2012 Brian Precious talks to Councillor George Barratt about his fight against the cuts in Barking and Dagenham

Palestinians in Israel: Ethnocracy, not democracy

28 May 2012 Palestinians in Israel: Segregation, Discrimination and Democracy, by Ben White, reviewed by Richard Kuper

Scottish independence: Breaking up is good to do

26 May 2012 John McAllion makes the socialist case for an independent Scotland

Nothing to do, nowhere to go – how cuts hit kids

26 May 2012 As the summer holidays approach, Lorna Stephenson investigates the impact of cuts on playschemes and youth centres

Caught in the dragnet

24 May 2012 The controversial legal notion of ‘joint enterprise’ is being used against protesters and alleged gang members alike. Jon Robins reports

Race to the Line

24 May 2012 With John Carlos, one of the Mexico ‘68 podium protesters, on a speaking tour of Britain, Mark Perryman describes the continuing clash of race and the Games

Jordan Valley: To exist is to resist

22 May 2012 Lorna Stephenson reports on a grass-roots campaign group challenging the Israeli occupation in the Jordan Valley

Ex-ECB chief: ‘If parliaments do not give us what we want, we will annul them’

21 May 2012 Leigh Phillips examines the response from former European Central Bank chief, Jean-Claude Trichet on how to solve the eurocrisis

UK Uncut’s Great London Street Party: The future’s not what it used to be…

21 May 2012 On Saturday 26 May, UK Uncut will be hosting the Great London street party of resistance

A different way of doing things

20 May 2012 Robin Murray explores the potential of co-ops to form the basis of an alternative economy

A bank worth backing

18 May 2012 Christopher Hird looks at how the Co-op Bank has fared in the financial crisis

Who gets to see the Torch? Who gets to see the Games?

18 May 2012 As the torch relay comes to Britain, Mark Perryman, author of a new book on the Olympics, questions the claim of a Games for all

One Million Climate Jobs: An interview with John Stewart

16 May 2012 Tom Robinson talks to the Chair of the Campaign Against Climate Change on how the creation of one million climate jobs could help save the economy and the environment

Riding the pink tide

16 May 2012 Social Movements and Leftist Governments in Latin America: Confrontation or Co-option? by Gary Prevost et al (eds), reviewed by Federico Fuentes

Media Reform rally (+ live stream), Thur 17th @ 6-8pm

15 May 2012 The Coordinating Committee for Media Reform, in conjunction with the Hacked Off campaign, will be hosting a public rally for Media Reform at Westminster Central Hall on the evening of 17th May.

Co-operatise the state?

14 May 2012 Can the co-op movement be one source of alternatives to marketisation? Hilary Wainwright explores

It’s all at the co-op

12 May 2012 Jim Keogan reports on how co-ops are combining economic resilience with egalitarianism

Ghosts of Afghanistan: A realistic prospect for peace

10 May 2012 Ghosts of Afghanistan: The Haunted Battleground, by Jonathan Steele, reviewed by Gabriel Carlyle

Debt: The First 5,000 Years – Money, myth and morality

8 May 2012 Debt: The First 5,000 Years, by David Graeber, reviewed by Nick Dearden

What if loyalty hadn’t drained Ken of his maverick energy?

8 May 2012 Michael Calderbank examines the reasons behind Ken Livingstone's defeat in the London mayoral elections

Local Elections: The gift that wasn’t on the Tory wish list

8 May 2012 Anthony Arblaster discusses the ups and downs of the local election results, which came as an unwelcome surprise to some

So farewell then electors – we knew you once…

8 May 2012 A record low turnout for last week’s elections was probably the most significant outcome. Just 32 per cent bothered to vote – the lowest since 2000

Deal or no deal? A leading Syriza activist’s thoughts on coalition and the left

7 May 2012 What happened when Alex Nunns met Nasos Iliopoulos—one of the rising stars of Greece’s new second party, radical left coalition Syriza

Greek election: The austerity parties have collapsed. This is the moment of truth for the left

7 May 2012 Yiorgos Vassalos looks at the extraordinary results of the Greek elections

Dale Farm: We stood because ye stood

6 May 2012 Mary Sheridan talks to Elly Robson about resisting the eviction of her family and the Traveller community at Dale Farm in Essex

Kettling police powers

6 May 2012 Kevin Blowe invites you to a conference on defending our fundamental liberties during the Olympics and beyond

Economic democracy: the next big left idea?

5 May 2012 Peter Tatchell says democratising economic decision-making is the key to a fairer society and to a more stable, responsible economy

Argentina: Que se vayan todos! – They all must go!

4 May 2012 Francesca Fiorentini looks back at the social movements that emerged from Argentina’s debt crisis a decade ago and asks what we can learn for today’s struggles

EVENT: Defend the NHS! Strategies of Resistance

3 May 2012 This Wednesday, Red Pepper will bring together NHS experts, health professionals and activists to discuss the impact of the coalition’s Health and Social Care Bill - and plans to resist it

Classic book: Woman on the Edge of Time – A utopia of resistance

2 May 2012 Mel Evans looks at Woman on the Edge of Time, by Marge Piercy, first published 1979