February 2012

A4e: a scandal so big it could be seen from 2008

25 February 2012 Emma Harrison’s double resignation has finally focused media attention on the privatisation of job placement, argues Alex Nunns.

Tory think-tanks’ tangled web

23 February 2012 Right-leaning think-tanks play a big part in David Cameron’s Tories, writes Hartwig Pautz

Cairo: ‘After seeing friends carried away with blood streaming from their lids, you stop trusting the goggles’

23 February 2012 Mika Minio-Paluello gives an eyewitness account of the street battles in Egypt late last year

Radical cities: A guide to Nablus, Palestine

22 February 2012 Simply visiting Palestine can be a radical act. Sarah Irving suggests that the city of Nablus should be on any visitor’s itinerary

The students’ moment

22 February 2012 Student activist Michael Chessum reflects on the state of the fight against the Tories’ education reforms

Greece: how to avoid a social default

16 February 2012 Panagiotis Sotiris argues that stopping the debt repayments is the only way to avoid the devastation of Greece

Defending human rights defenders

16 February 2012 Haldane Society chair Liz Davies invites you to a conference seeking to build solidarity with those defending human rights across the world

Appeal for solidarity with the people of Greece

16 February 2012 Add your signature to the statement of solidarity with the people of Greece backed by trade union leaders, MPs and campaigners.

Tonight on TV: ‘Tweets from Tahrir’

16 February 2012 Don't miss this on TV tonight - a film of the book co-edited by Red Pepper's Alex Nunns.

Could you be our new website editor?

12 February 2012 New member of our volunteer editorial team wanted

Cycle city Kathmandu

12 February 2012 Jennie O’Hara meets Nepali campaigners seeking to tackle pollution and inequality by transforming their capital into a cycle-friendly city

An ‘excess of democracy’: what two generations of radicals can learn from each other

11 February 2012 Hilary Wainwright examines the possibility of forging a new kind of political economy by learning from the best of both today's radical movements and those of the 60s and 70s

Every crisis is an opportunity

8 February 2012 There is an urgent need for new ideas that challenge the technocrats, writes Andy Bowman

When the opposition does not oppose…

8 February 2012 ..the democratic deficit widens - so argues Tom Robinson

Red Pepper seminar, Friday 17 February: ‘Taking on the technocrats’

7 February 2012 Trevor Evans and Mary Kaldor to speak on alternative paths for a progressive, democratic Europe

Contradictory Dickens

7 February 2012 On the bicentenary of Charles Dickens' birth, Terry Eagleton looks at the contradictions of the man and his work

Tweetin’ ’bout a revolution: Paul Mason interview

6 February 2012 Newsnight’s Paul Mason, author of a new book on the revolts sweeping the world, speaks to Red Pepper

N30 and after: was that it? A debate on the public sector strikes

5 February 2012 Gregor Gall analyses the 30 November strikes. With a response by Heather Wakefield

Neither Hattersley nor Miliband: why today’s left must ‘re-think’ differently

3 February 2012 Does Labour Old or New have what it takes to ‘re-think’ the project of social democracy? asks Michael Calderbank

Audio: Rebellious Media Conference

2 February 2012 Exclusive podcast with Dan Hind, James Curran, Zahera Harb