November 2012

A Black Thursday for Walmart

30 November 2012 After the Walmart strikes which saw hundreds of workers protesting outside US stores, Kaspar Loftin looks at the company’s oppressive and unfair treatment of employees over the years

Riot from Wrong: An example of what journalism could look like

24 November 2012 Koos Couvée reviews a film about the riots that gives a different point of view

Conference: Latin America 2012

22 November 2012 Get the latest on recent social and economic developments in the continent on Saturday 1 December, at the Latin America 2012 Conference

Protest in solidarity with Palestine

22 November 2012 Join the protest against Israel's attacks on Gaza and the occupation

2012’s literary Christmas tree formation

20 November 2012 Philosophy Football’s Mark Perryman reveals the football books any fan would welcome as an addition to their bookshelf this Christmas

Gaza War: All about politics?

19 November 2012 Abby Martin interviews Phyllis Bennis, Director of the New Internationalism Project at the Institute for Policy Studies, about the current escalation of violence in Gaza

Audio: Voices against austerity

16 November 2012 Adam Quarshie talks with supporters of the TUC demonstration outside the Imperial War Museum last month

Super-storms, climate change and war

13 November 2012 Phyllis Bennis reports from Washington DC on the ideological impact of Hurricane Sandy

US elections: Big Bird laughs last

10 November 2012 Ben Trott picks over signs of hope for the left in the US elections

Left leading: Interview with Die Linke leader Katja Kipping

8 November 2012 Emma Dowling speaks to Katja Kipping, new co-chair of Germany's Left Party, about the European crisis and the direction she wants to take the party

Firenze 10+10: Back to Florence

8 November 2012 As Firenze 10+10 begins, Rossana Rossanda discusses how the Left can open a breach in the neoliberal wall

Italy, where did the protest go?

8 November 2012 Donatella Della Porta writes that despite the Eurozone crisis and harsh austerity policies, it seems as if Italy is no longer responding with protest demonstrations anymore

The Italian anomaly goes technical

2 November 2012 Lorenzo Fe writes that opposition to the financial dictatorship will come from the streets of Italy, not from the Italian government

Weekly round-up blog: 2 November

2 November 2012 The week around the web and upcoming actions, with Izzy Koksal

Wages without work

1 November 2012 Revolution at Point Zero by Silvia Federici and The Problem with Work by Kathi Weeks, reviewed by Nicholas Beuret

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