October 2012

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about competition

31 October 2012 'Did sibling rivalry make you happy? Would you like to be treated by a more competitive doctor?'

The people of the pipeline

29 October 2012 The Oil Road, by James Marriott and Mika Minio-Paluello, reviewed by Andy Rowell

Hoping for change: Obama and the limits of elections

28 October 2012 Gary Younge discusses the disappointment of Barack Obama’s presidency – and credits recent progressive policies to the success of the Occupy movement

New terms for teachers

28 October 2012 Donald Morrison examines what the explosive growth in academy schools means for teachers

Chumbawamba: One last time

27 October 2012 Chumbawamba, the anarchist band that topped the charts and tipped an ice bucket over John Prescott, have decided to call it a day. Founder member Boff Whalley explains why

The Red Pepper round-up: 26 October

26 October 2012 The week around the web and upcoming actions, with Izzy Koksal

That Cuba feeling

26 October 2012 Fifty years ago this month the world came close to nuclear Armageddon. Paul Anderson looks back at the Cuban missile crisis and anti-nuclear campaigning since

Live art: In here or out there?

25 October 2012 From oil tanks to magic forests, Andy Field considers some of the unlikely homes offered to live art

Film: Who Polices the Police?

24 October 2012 Ken Fero, director of 'Who Policies The Police?' writes about the making of the film which examines the complicity of the IPCC in deaths in custody and the struggle of one family for justice

Obama: The unreported truth

22 October 2012 In the run up to the final presidential debate, Oliver Eagleton exposes the ugly truth behind the Obama administration's foreign policy

An appetite for change in the food system

19 October 2012 James O’Nions investigates the potential for a movement for food sovereignty in Britain

Rooted in the neighbourhood: what happened to Spain’s assemblies?

18 October 2012 Oscar Reyes reports on the successes and setbacks of neighbourhood assemblies in Spain

Why the future isn’t working

17 October 2012 When envisaging the future, social movements should not just consider how to make work better but also how to move beyond the wage contract, writes Emma Hughes

An income of one’s own: the citizen’s income

17 October 2012 Bill Jordan says the citizen’s income is an idea whose time has come

Unleashing the creativity of labour

16 October 2012 Hilary Wainwright calls for policies that release workers’ creative potential, not just in waged work but beyond

The government’s attempt to eradicate the travelling way of life

15 October 2012 As the anniversary of the Dale Farm eviction approaches, Elly Robson explores the deliberate criminalisation of the travelling way of life by the coalition government

The who, what and where of work

15 October 2012 Karel Williams, Sukhdev Johal and Andrew Bowman introduce our 'The future isn't working' theme by looking at industrial strategy

‘I can hear the roar of women’s silence’

15 October 2012 On the 25th Anniversary of Sankara's assassination Sokari Ekrine considers the importance of his vision for women's emancipation.

Thomas Sankara: an African leader with a message for Europe

14 October 2012 On the 25th anniversary of Sankara's assassination, Nick Dearden argues we need to remember him to challenge dominant views of Africa and fight our own debt crisis in Europe

Manifesta 9: Genk

9 October 2012 Jane Shallice reports from Manifesta in Genk, a biennial Europe-wide contemporary art exhibition which this year had a coal mining theme

Red Pepper at the Cuts Cafe

8 October 2012 Come and join Red Pepper at the Cuts Cafe.

The Red Pepper round-up: 5 October

6 October 2012 The week around the web and upcoming actions, with Izzy Koksal

Joining forces for another Europe

4 October 2012 In November, European social movements will meet in Florence to plan continent-wide responses to austerity and the European crisis of democracy. Tommaso Fattori calls for us to make ‘Firenze 10+10’ a priority

How the Conservatives ruined social housing

4 October 2012 Stuart Hodkinson writes that despite Tory claims to protect social housing before the election, councils have been allowed to neglect their duty to house those in greatest need

One Nation, or, Ed Miliband’s Utopia

2 October 2012 Why are Labour now claiming to speak in the "one nation" tradition of 19th Century Tory PM Benjamin Disraeli? Michael Calderbank reflects

A tale of two speeches

1 October 2012 Palestinian Chairman Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu address the United Nations. Phyllis Bennis reports from New York

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