January 2012

Leanne Wood: Why I’m standing for the Plaid Cymru leadership

30 January 2012 Leanne Wood AM sets out a socialist vision for Wales.

After Durban: All talked out?

30 January 2012 The UN climate talks in Durban followed a familiar script of inaction. Oscar Reyes asks if activists should still be focusing attention on them

Who are the Davos class?

27 January 2012 Just who makes up the global elite that has been gathering at Davos?

Blockbusters only please, we’re British!

26 January 2012 Filmmaker Clive Nwonka responds to the recently published UK Film Policy Review paper, and David Cameron’s questionable stance on film funding.

Countering the Olympics

23 January 2012 Elizabeth Carola profiles a forthcoming day of debate and organising

History in the making

22 January 2012 Kate Webb reads Paul Mason's "Why it’s Kicking Off Everywhere: The New Global Revolutions" (Verso)

Organise! City cleaners fight for a living wage

22 January 2012 Michael Pooler reports on the struggle of cleaners in the heart of London's financial district

Guardians of the future?

22 January 2012 Last week, Red Pepper was invited to the launch of a new report from the ‘Green House’ think tank about how to restructure our leading democratic institutions.

Why now? What’s next? Naomi Klein on Occupy

19 January 2012 Naomi Klein in discussion with Occupy Wall Street activist Yotam Marom

How I joined the 15 foot high club

18 January 2012 Camilla Berens describes her most empowering experience of direct action

Catch 22: war satire still bites in the age of Fallujah and Helmand

18 January 2012 Catch 22, by Joseph Heller, reviewed by Matt Owen

Review: No Land! No House! No Vote! Voices from Symphony Way

16 January 2012 No Land! No House! No Vote! Voices from Symphony Way, reviewed by Martin Legassick

Bashing the fash

15 January 2012 An extended interview with Red Action activists on how they fought the fascists - literally

The White Van Papers: fiction that tells the truth

14 January 2012 The White Van Papers by Roland Muldoon, reviewed by Jane Shallice

More Bad News from Israel: how the media tell it like it isn’t

12 January 2012 More Bad News from Israel, by Greg Philo and Mike Berry, reviewed by Miri Weingarten

The Olympic struggle of the London 2012 resisters

10 January 2012 East London activists write on their seven years of campaigning over the 2012 Olympics development

Carry on occupying! – your help is needed

9 January 2012 Tom Robinson celebrates the ongoing defiance of Occupy London and calls for your practical help

Occupy and the church

9 January 2012 Mark Barrett and Ginger Haag explore how the Occupy movement has re-opened a debate within the church on the gap between markets and morals.

’19th-century inequalities in shiny classrooms’: Melissa Benn on the future of schools

8 January 2012 Melissa Benn, author of School Wars, discusses education with teacher Anna Wolmuth

Pensions: Keep united and step up the fight

7 January 2012 Michael Calderbank reports from PCS Left Unity's organising conference on the pensions fight.

Britain’s Empire: ripping up the comfortable myths

6 January 2012 Britain’s Empire: Resistance, Repression and Revolt by Richard Gott, reviewed by Jonathan Steele

Punishing Palestine: How the US plays politics with aid

4 January 2012 Libby Powell on how the US has retaliated after Palestine’s UN statehood bid

Don’t feed the world? How food aid can do more harm than good

2 January 2012 While the media again reports 'famine in the horn of Africa' caused by 'drought', Rasna Warah looks at the real reasons why people are going hungry

Occupy Wall Street meets winter

2 January 2012 Yotam Marom finds the Occupy movement hoping that the winter of austerity might give way to the flowering of real alternatives

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