September 2011

Refounding the politics of labour

29 September 2011 Ed Miliband's speech had little to say on the unions. Hilary Wainwright urges the Labour leader to embrace a newly political trade unionism

Video: The true cost of the Afghanistan war

29 September 2011 This video charts the rising costs in billions of pounds - and human lives

‘Capitalism for the poor’ no more?

29 September 2011 Milford Bateman welcomes a new report blowing the myths of microfinance success out of the water

Europe Against Austerity, 1 October

21 September 2011 What does the left say about the eurozone crisis - and do we have a different way out?

Back to Rio

20 September 2011 Sue Branford looks at Brazil’s unsustainable development – and the potential for a new direction

South Africa: Power to the people

20 September 2011 Bobby Peek tells how the struggle for environmental rights is intertwined with the one over access to energy

Organising ourselves

13 September 2011 Anne-Marie O’Reilly presents a roundtable discussion of grassroots community organisers

Ritz justice

13 September 2011 A bill going through parliament threatens to make access to justice a right available only to the rich. Jon Robins reports

The pursuit of the good

13 September 2011 Peter McMylor considers Alasdair MacIntyre's classic After Virtue: a study in moral theory, first published in 1981

‘War is a racket’: Lessons of 9/11

11 September 2011 Ross Eventon discusses the shortcomings of media comment on the last decade of US empire

In the revolutionary warm-stream

10 September 2011 Michael Calderbank reviews Magical Marxism: subversive politics and the Imagination, by Andy Merrifield

New life in the unions?

8 September 2011 Red Pepper interviews union leaders Len McCluskey of Unite and Mark Serwotka of PCS

This is what Swazi democracy looks like

7 September 2011 Protest is escalating in Africa's last absolute monarchy reports Mike Marqusee

Flower power

4 September 2011 Jan Goodey reviews Seedbombs: going wild with flowers, by Josie Jeffery

Bristol: Chameleon skin, seditious heart

2 September 2011 Bristol has a progressive social fabric that sustains radical thinkers, artists and activists. Dan Iles shows us round

Chile’s winter awakening

1 September 2011 As student protests continue to rock Chile's neoliberal consensus, Roberto Navarrete sets the revolt in context

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