August 2011

Crude politics

30 August 2011 Sami Ramadani reviews Fuel on the Fire: oil and politics in occupied Iraq, by Greg Muttitt

Field day for developers

30 August 2011 Opposing the deregulation of planning could unite strange bedfellows says Bob Colenutt

Mind over matter

29 August 2011 Human psychology, political values and action. By Tim Holmes

Feeling our way forward

29 August 2011 Hilary Wainwright maps structures of feeling and resistance

Kenny Bell: From loss to living legacy

28 August 2011 Kenny Bell stood for a distinctive, strategic and effective kind of trade unionism writes Hilary Wainwright

Film: Not a very green revolution

28 August 2011 Interview with Devinder Sharma and pictures of Punjabi farming communities

A Scottish tragedy

28 August 2011 Liz Davies finds Alan McCombes’ account of Tommy Sheridan’s downfall painful but necessary

Left blocked

28 August 2011 An interview with Portugese Left Bloc activist Ricardo Sá Ferreira

Los indignados: the emerging politics of outrage

27 August 2011 Paolo Gerbaudo on the protests that have swept southern Europe

Mind your language

27 August 2011 James Simpson and Melanie Cooke look at cuts to English language provision for migrants

Unruly protest

27 August 2011 Ashok Kumar reviews Fight Back! A reader on the winter of protest, ed. Dan Hancox

Our big fat fairness failure

22 August 2011 Yoshka Pundrik on the pending eviction of traveller families at Dale Farm

Relax: alternative hedonism and a new politics of pleasure

20 August 2011 Kate Soper on re-imagining fulfllment

Behind the bankers’ mask

20 August 2011 In the context of another financial crisis, debt audits could offer a way to counter the power of big finance. Nick Dearden introduces a special Red Pepper dossier

Gil Scott-Heron: Speakin’ for a whole generation

20 August 2011 Steve Pretty looks at the musical and political life of the poet

A glasnost moment?

20 August 2011 There is great potential for a real transformation in the British media and politics, writes Sarah-Jayne Clifton

The bankers’ friend

19 August 2011 Who controls the taxpayer-owned bailed out banks? Michael Moran and Karel Williams investigate

Pure class

16 August 2011 Kevin Blowe reviews Chavs: the demonisation of the working class, by Owen Jones

The bedrock of autonomy

15 August 2011 A life beyond illness rests on a delicate and complex web, writes Mike Marqusee

The people are strong

14 August 2011 Michael Pooler reports from Israel on Bedouin efforts to resist eviction in the Negev Desert

Audio: Science roundtable

13 August 2011 Listen to Red Pepper’s roundtable on science, corporates and democracy.

Out of the laboratory

13 August 2011 Emma Hughes hosts a Red Pepper roundtable on science

After the Riots: What is the ‘real Manchester’?

12 August 2011 Writers from Manchester Mule give their perspective on the Manchester riot

These riots are the fruits of austerity

11 August 2011 The rioters have grown up in a world of diminishing life chances and frustrated desires, writes Gemma Alley

Riots: The left must respond

10 August 2011 Let’s get on the streets and demand an end to cuts and police brutality, says James O’Nions

Riots: A grim mirror image of neoliberal Britain

10 August 2011 Tom Fox on the riots sweeping through England's deprived urban areas.

A message to the youth of Hackney

9 August 2011 Social justice coalition Hackney Unites calls for the rioting to stop

Tottenham: ‘This is what you get – fire’

7 August 2011 The riot came from a community pushed to the edge by the violence of the police, writes Clarence Williams

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about Ed Miliband

4 August 2011 'The reason he’s terrified is that he knows in his heart that capitalism doesn’t work'

Jane Barker: One of us

4 August 2011 Jim Keoghan remembers a socialist feminist union researcher and activist

Crowd allowed

4 August 2011 Siobhan McGuirk on the way inspiring new documentary Just Do It was made

Public services, private profit

2 August 2011 The government’s white paper heralds an unashamed corporate takeover warns Bob Colenutt

A road made by walking

1 August 2011 Oscar Reyes reports from Spain on an ‘indignant’ movement that continues to spread and diversify

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