July 2011

Trespassers will be prosecuted

31 July 2011 Government plans to criminalise squatting will affect rights to both housing and to protest says Liz Davies

Roses are our weapons

27 July 2011 Asbjørn Wahl on the Norwegian response to the far-right murder spree

Soundtrack of dissent

25 July 2011 Alex Nunns reviews 33 Revolutions Per Minute: a history of protest songs by Dorian Lynskey

Copenhagen: Something radical in the state of Denmark

24 July 2011 Copenhagen offers much of interest to visiting lefties

Justice as rough as ever

18 July 2011 Miscarriages of justice are still shockingly common, but 20 years after the release of the Birmingham Six, the issue isn’t fashionable any more. Jon Robins reports

Reconstructing Marx

17 July 2011 Michael Calderbank reviews Why Marx was Right by Terry Eagleton

Edible treasures: foraging for food

17 July 2011 Forget plastic packaging – foraging can be sustainable and fun, writes Sophie Haydock

Let’s talk utopia

17 July 2011 It’s utopian thinking, not grim pragmatism, that best informs and inspires the struggle for a better society, argues Mike Marqusee

News of the World: Let’s seize the moment

15 July 2011 For the sake of our democracy, anger over the hacking scandal must be harnessed to bring about real change says Davy Jones

Steal this veg

15 July 2011 Urban agriculture can challenge the priorities of the capitalist city, writes Chiara Tornaghi

State-sponsored cruelty

14 July 2011 The coalition government promised to end child detention in asylum cases. Instead it has hired Barnardo’s to help run a new detention centre. Richard Goulding reports

The greatest injustice

14 July 2011 Leigh Phillips reviews Treasure Islands by Nicholas Shaxson

Healthy alternatives

14 July 2011 Colin Leys looks at how Scotland and Wales have rejected marketising the NHS

School without walls

14 July 2011 Isabel Parrott revisits Colin Ward's classic The Child in the City

Southampton: Unions set the pace

13 July 2011 Peter Apps looks at the unique campaign of strikes sweeping the city

The fight isn’t over

10 July 2011 News of the World may be dead but Karin Wahl-Jorgensen still wants Murdoch’s empire stopped

News of the World: we need more than a public inquiry

8 July 2011 Natalie Fenton calls for a new framework for news in the public interest

Audio: Building a radical urbanism

5 July 2011 Listen to Red Pepper authors talk about alternatives to capitalist priorities in the city

Film review: Unwrapping the drugs debate

4 July 2011 Siobhan McGuirk reviews ‘Cocaine Unwrapped’, a documentary that asks good questions but avoids too many answers

Labour shuns the strikers at its peril

4 July 2011 Tom Fox on Milliband's condemnation of the public sector pension strikes.

Revenge of the repossessed

4 July 2011 Stuart Hodkinson explores alternatives to the housing crisis

Roads to freedom

4 July 2011 Rachel Aldred considers a city humanised by sustainable transport

Out of our space!

4 July 2011 We need to reclaim public spaces, writes Anna Minton

High hopes

4 July 2011 High-rise homes are derided, but some show that a progressive architecture is possible argues Owen Hatherley

Bangladesh: Forty years free

3 July 2011 Photographs from Bangladesh’s 1971 struggle for independence