May 2011

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about hating the Tories

30 May 2011 The Tories have taken on human form, which is when they’re at their most dangerous

Our right to the city

30 May 2011 We need to reassert a sense of collectivity in the way we live, writes James O'Nions

Economic crisis and post-capitalism

29 May 2011 Mat Little interviews the economist Harry Shutt about economic crisis and the left alternative

Time to be honest

25 May 2011 Nick Buxton speaks to Tim DeChristopher, an activist shaking up the mainstream US environmental movement

Election reflections

25 May 2011 Anthony Arblaster argues there is more support for social democratic policies than is reflected in the main political parties.

Poster people

24 May 2011 James O'Nions reviews Celebrate People’s History: the poster book of resistance and revolution

Voices from the Tunisian Revolution

23 May 2011 Amanda Sebystyen profiles individuals who participated in the Tunisian revolution, and their stories

Dispatches from Tunisia

23 May 2011 Amanda Sebestyen reports from a solidarity visit to Tunisia organised through the World Social Forum

Web freedom

23 May 2011 Tim Hunt reviews An Open Web

Branding the revolution

22 May 2011 Ross Eventon reviews A Poetics of Resistance: the revolutionary public relations of the Zapatista insurgency

Big Society brings little aid

22 May 2011 Jon Robins investigates what the cuts will mean for the vital advice that Citizens Advice Bureaux provide

After the flash bulb

22 May 2011 Student article competition winner Kit Withnail calls for others to stand with the movement

High Pay Matters

22 May 2011 Ruth Lister on the interim report of the High Pay Commission.

Mass movements and Morales

21 May 2011 David Broder reviews From Rebellion to Reform in Bolivia

Nobody expects the Spanish revolution

19 May 2011 Javier Navascués reports on the youth movement occupying Spain’s public squares

The flaws in coalition climate policy

19 May 2011 Derek Wall analyses Chris Huhne's recently announced climate change policy.

Salvaging the socialist cause

15 May 2011 Richard Seymour reviews Eric Hobsbawm's latest book, and a new biography of this influential historian

Wisconsin: Labour’s last stand

15 May 2011 Rahul Mahajan looks at the fightback in Wisconsin

Seeking sanctuary

15 May 2011 Tim Hunt explores a project that fosters local support and practical help for asylum seekers

Debt audits and a new economic vision

11 May 2011 Nick Dearden reports from an activist conference on austerity and debt in Athens

We make radical media, you make adverts

10 May 2011 PR firm tries to stop activists using the phrase 'radical media'

Basil Davidson: a fine writer and fighter

7 May 2011 Richard Gott looks at the life of a very British sort of dissenter

Radical road round Dublin

7 May 2011 Donal Fallon kicks off this new feature as he takes us on a tour of the Irish capital

Capital ideas

7 May 2011 Ingo Scmidt discusses the relevance of Rosa Luxemburg's Accumulation of Capital

Booktopia: Owen Jones

7 May 2011 Owen Jones picks the eight books he’d take to the ends of the Earth with him

Keeping our streets safer

7 May 2011 Isabel Parrott reports on legal and defendant support work surrounding the anti-cuts movement and student protests

Brighton goes Green again

7 May 2011 Britain’s first Green-led council is great news, but faces challenges on cuts says Davy Jones

Interview with Noam Chomsky

3 May 2011 Frank Barat poses questions from artists, activists and journalists, on Egypt, corporate power, Palestine and more.

Discrediting Britain

2 May 2011 Nick Dearden explains how the Export Credits Guarantee Department puts corporate profits above human rights

Bin Laden killing: Justice or vengeance?

2 May 2011 Phyllis Bennis on the killing of Osama bin Laden and the 'unfinished business' of 9/11

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