April 2011

Film: Energy sovereignty in Brazil

30 April 2011 Watch Katherine Haywood's short film about a wind turbine school run by Brazil's Landless Workers' Movement

Reading Rosa

26 April 2011 Peter Hudis, editor of the newly published Letters of Rosa Luxemburg, speaks to Red Pepper

Palestine’s wandering poet

26 April 2011 Mike Marqusee on Mahmoud Darwish, the poet of the Palestinian people

Theatre Uncut: Art attack

26 April 2011 Red Pepper investigates a theatre project dramatising the cuts

Uprising in Iraqi Kurdistan

20 April 2011 Dashty Jamal on the fight for freedom in Kurdistan.

Portugal: The EU’s managed democracy

18 April 2011 The bail-out has been the perfect excuse for Europe to bypass Portuguese citizens entirely, says Leigh Phillips

Closed curtains at the palace

16 April 2011 James Gray looks at attempts to let the Freedom of Information Act shine a light on the royals

Royal toast

16 April 2011 Donald Morrison takes a look at alternative approaches to the royal wedding

Heading the state

16 April 2011 Andrew Blick explores the constitutional role of the monarch - and how we could ditch it

Coalitions of the winning

15 April 2011 Amanda Tattersall explores how community organisations and unions can work together

Crack capitalism or reclaim the state?

15 April 2011 John Holloway and Hilary Wainwright debate strategy and tactics for social change

Surviving the royal wedding

15 April 2011 Lorna Stephenson passes the sick bag as the press fills up with right royal rubbish

Iceland’s message to Portugal

14 April 2011 The Icesave referendum has global implications says Nick Dearden

AV: Yes or no?

14 April 2011 Hilary Wainwright and Kevin Blowe debate the alternative vote

Holyrood hopes

14 April 2011 Ken Ferguson asks how the Scottish left can respond to anger at the Westminster cuts consensus

Making sense of the ‘pause’ in the health bill

13 April 2011 Colin Leys on the proposed changes to the health bill, and how we can use the pause to defend the NHS

Revolt like an Egyptian

12 April 2011 Tahrir Square activist Gigi Ibrahim shares her experience of overthrowing a dictator

Youth rises against bloodshed in Mexico, armed with poetry and art

11 April 2011 Maria Felix and Siobhan McGuirk report on the growing protest backlash against the war on drugs in Mexico.

Brothers unbanned

11 April 2011 Mansoor Mirza on the Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt: Ammar 404

11 April 2011 The internet and the Arab uprisings. By Zahera Harb

Tweets from Tahrir

11 April 2011 How the Egyptian revolution unfolded on Twitter

Don’t let your slightly racist gran be the only one to take on Europe’s silent coup

8 April 2011 In the biggest shift of powers to the EU in 50 years, under Europe’s new system of ‘economic governance’, Brussels gets a veto over all wage, public spending, and taxation decisions

Back to ‘normal’?

7 April 2011 Extraordinary displays of resistance are only the beginning, says Michael Calderbank

Venezuela’s Bolivarian Process at Twelve

5 April 2011 Two articles exploring current developments in Venezuela are introduced by Red Pepper's Latin America editor Pablo Navarrete.

Venezuela: Putting People First

5 April 2011 Jennie Bremner on the positive example provided by Venezuela and the need for solidarity.

The path for Venezuela can not be neoliberalism or Stalinism

5 April 2011 An interview with Edgardo Lander.

Celia Mitchell’s Booktopia

4 April 2011 Celia Mitchell picks the eight books she'd take to the ends of the earth with her

What it would take to beat austerity

3 April 2011 Strikes and other action must be controlled by workers themselves argues Tom Denning

A vicarious potency

3 April 2011 In the case of Libya, liberal interventionists ignore the history of imperialism and the realities of power, writes Mike Marqusee

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about the royal wedding

1 April 2011 We are all products of our environment, unless you believe everything is hereditary, which I suppose you do if you’re a prince