February 2011


27 February 2011 The performances of art activists Liberate Tate are celebrated in a new postcard collection.

Left gains in Ireland

27 February 2011 Five deputies for the United Left Alliance, while Sinn Féin takes at least 13

Housing cuts: Resistance begins at home

27 February 2011 Isabel Parrott on what can be done to tackle the housing cuts

The creaking European austerity machine

27 February 2011 Austerity could spell the end for the euro, argues Leigh Phillips

School of struggle

27 February 2011 Sixth form student Fatima Rahim explains why she was part of an occupation at Camden School for Girls

Atos: tick-box tyranny

27 February 2011 Tim Hunt looks at Atos, the company charged with assessing who should receive disability benefit

Philosophy Football T-shirt to raise funds for Egypt speaker tour

23 February 2011 It quotes one of the great Arab poets of the modern era, Nizar Qabbani: "You are the generation that will overcome defeat"

My pick of ‘6 Billion Ways’

22 February 2011 James O’Nions previews an exciting global justice event in London

The forests are saved, but campaigners must remain vigilant

22 February 2011 Derek Wall puts the fight against forest privitisation in a global and historical perspective.

Evicting the poor

20 February 2011 Sunit Bagree on international sporting events and the housing struggle

Anti-cuts: Alliance of defiance

19 February 2011 Oxford, Bristol, Manchester, Lewisham... Jim Cranshaw and Emma Hughes talk to local anti-cuts campaigners

Local government fighting back?

18 February 2011 Bob Colenutt on the reaction of local government to the cuts, and the influence of the May council elections.

Revolution on the Nile: Lessons for Africa

16 February 2011 The importance of the Egyptian and Tunisian uprisings for sub-Saharan Africa should not be overlooked, says Nicolo Gnecchi.

The first lesson from the Egyptian revolution

16 February 2011 Salwa Ismail on the fall of the Mubarak regime, and the new politics emerging in Egypt

The World Social Forum and the battle for COP17

15 February 2011 Vishwas Satgar on the World Social Forum, climate justice and the limits of anti-capitalist civil society

Where next for Egypt? A roundup

14 February 2011 Red Pepper rounds up the best commentary and analysis on the situation in Egypt after the fall of Mubarak.

The revolution will not be organised

13 February 2011 Nick Dearden writes from the World Social Forum in Dakar, Senegal.

Small movers in the big society

12 February 2011 Donald Morrison reports on a community social enterprise in Salford

Egyptian activist speaks: ‘This is only the beginning’

12 February 2011 Waseem Wagdi: 'I have seen a new humanity being born in Tahrir Square'


11 February 2011 Lorna Stephenson explores the perks and pitfalls of virtual organising

‘Don’t blame us, guv!’ Can councillors resist the cuts?

11 February 2011 Do councillors have no choice but to deliver the cuts hammer blow, or can they fight back? Michael Calderbank investigates

Big Society? Big deal

10 February 2011 Richard Goulding investigates the reality behind the 'Big Society' rhetoric

Mubarak defiant

10 February 2011 Phyllis Bennis on the situation in Egypt as Mubarak vows to remain in power.

The EU’s ‘orderly transition’

10 February 2011 Leigh Phillips on Catherine Ashton and the EU's response to the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia.

Mexico: The casualties of war

8 February 2011 Behind the bloody headlines of Mexico’s war on drugs, creeping militarism and corruption is silencing public dissent. Government policy failures are leading to social breakdown, writes Siobhan McGuirk with Maria Felix

Breaking the silence on libraries

8 February 2011 As library services across the country announce cuts to their services, Library Workers For A Brighter Future assess what we stand to lose.

Solidarity not charity

4 February 2011 One important argument against the cuts centres on this distinction, writes Emma Hughes

Higher education: the lie-busting low-down

4 February 2011 Cristina Delgado Garcia and Luke Yates explain why university cuts aren’t fair or needed

Jayaben Desai: Waking the generals

4 February 2011 Amrit Wilson shares memories of Grunwick strike leader Jayaben Desai

Biblical justice

4 February 2011 The bible’s social vision isn’t as simple as many think – this contradictory book can be as radical as it is repressive, writes Mike Marqusee

Machete: The action hero gets political

4 February 2011 Severed limbs and a splatter of anti-capitalism. Raph Schlembach watches Machete

Illegal Art: Recreating records

4 February 2011 Red Pepper talks to Illegal Art founder Philo T Farnsworth

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about Nick Clegg

4 February 2011 Last spring, they loved Nick Clegg. Now they think he’s a scumbag

Kanaval: Mardi Gras in a Haitian town

1 February 2011 Leah Gordon documents Haiti's unique and political Mardi Gras tradition

Finally making the grade

1 February 2011 Made in Dagenham didn’t tell the whole story. John Bohanna takes up the tale, with pictures by Carlos Guarita

Toxic state

1 February 2011 Fiona Bawdon reports on the aftermath of the ‘ricin trial’

Born into debt?

1 February 2011 For south Sudan, sovereignty must mean more than having your own border, writes Nick Dearden