December 2011

Shack fightback: Bandile Mdlalose on Abahlali baseMjondolo

30 December 2011 Bandile Mdlalose talks to Lorna Stephenson about Abahlali baseMjondolo, a radical poor people’s movement in South Africa

After COP17: turning promises into action

30 December 2011 Peter Robinson on the Durban climate talks and the challenges facing climate activists.

Reclaiming the South African dream

28 December 2011 South African activist Vishwas Satgar looks at post-apartheid South Africa 17 years on

Niger Delta: a quiet resistance

26 December 2011 Sokari Ekine meets women’s movements in the Niger Delta and discovers that in this militarised country even small acts take courage

Aspiring to Tahrir

23 December 2011 Justin Pearce asks when African hope will translate into real change

From Dictatorship to Democracy: a manual for revolution?

23 December 2011 From Dictatorship to Democracy: a conceptual framework for liberation, by Gene Sharp, reviewed by Alex Nunns

Winners and losers: The human price of Olympic gold

22 December 2011 The metal for the 2012 medals will come from Salt Lake City and the Gobi desert. Richard Harkinson introduces activists fighting Rio Tinto plc’s hazardous mines

African awakenings: Hope for the future

22 December 2011 Firoze Manji charts the revolts and rebellions that have been occurring not just in northern Africa but across the whole continent

A night at the multiplex: an interview with Mark Kermode

21 December 2011 Sean Gittins talks to Mark Kermode about modern cinema and the role of the film critic

Toronto tales

20 December 2011 Juliette Daigre and Tom Malleson guide us round Canada’s most radical city

Libya after Gaddafi: ‘The continuity is striking’

19 December 2011 The National Transitional Council’s ‘new Libya’ is all too familiar, writes Tommy Miles

Occupy: A turning point in US politics?

17 December 2011 Siobhan McGuirk visits the Occupy camp in Washington DC

Ballot stuffing. Bribery. Blatant fraud. Inside the Russian elections

16 December 2011 As election fraud allegations spark protests across the country, Andrew Bowman reports from Russia on what he saw on polling day in one fraud hotspot

The Olympics site: ‘a ticking-clock assault on the residue of industrial history’

16 December 2011 In this extract from his latest book, Ghost Milk, Iain Sinclair looks at the toxicity of the soil under the Olympics

Off with their heads! An interview with Martin Rowson

15 December 2011 Red Pepper speaks to Martin Rowson about his 30-plus years as a scourge of the political establishment

Review: Black Power Mixtape

14 December 2011 Selina Nwulu reviews new civil rights movement documentary Black Power Mixtape

‘The government may have trampled over democracy but people will still be squatting’

13 December 2011 Lorna Stephenson and Emma Hughes meet SQUASH, the squatters’ action group who have been ignored in the anti-squatting media furore

Occupy London! Creating space for change

12 December 2011 Occupy LSX activist Kelly Bornshlegel talks about the dynamic democracy of the camps

The euro: break or remake?

12 December 2011 Kenneth Haar opens our debate about the future of the euro

Editorial: Democracia real YA!

11 December 2011 As climate negotiators bluster in Durban, nowhere is the democratic deficit clearer than South Africa itself, writes Emma Hughes

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about a planned economy

11 December 2011 'Millions of people have mind-numbing and soul-destroying jobs manufacturing crap we don’t need'

The Camp is the World – An open letter to the occupy movement

11 December 2011 Luis Moreno-Caballud and Marina Sitrin on connecting the occupy movements and the Spanish May 15th movement

What the frack?

8 December 2011 Philip Mitchell on how ‘fracking’ may have brought earthquakes to Blackpool

Oligarchy of the unelected

7 December 2011 David Beetham examines the growing dominance of unaccountable corporate and financial interests

Unfair cops: it’s not about ‘bad apples’

7 December 2011 After the News of the World scandal and the death of Mark Duggan, Val Swain asks ‘who will police the police?’

Right to speak: whistleblowers and the law

6 December 2011 One question screams out following the phone hacking scandal: why didn’t anyone other than brave Sean Hoare blow the whistle? By Jon Robins

The Real George Osborne!

6 December 2011 Miriam Ross on a new online comedy with political bite

Economic democracy – the left’s big new idea

6 December 2011 Peter Tatchell says the democratisation of the economy is the key to a fairer, more just society

Mule, Manchester’s alternative press

5 December 2011 The Manchester Mule Collective explain how their project shows a way to start to plug the gap in local news reporting

Food for thought: food sovereignty in Europe

4 December 2011 Dan Iles hears from food sovereignty activists from across the continent

In pictures: Dale Farm

4 December 2011 Mary Turner's photographs of a fight not just for land but for a community

Achub S4C: ‘We want to show there is a place for Welsh’

3 December 2011 Amy Hall talks to the activists fighting to save the only Welsh language television channel

On the warpath: rambling and the cuts

2 December 2011 Ramblers’ rights are about more than just a few footpaths, says Mike Parker

Housing: The market has failed

2 December 2011 Bob Colenutt on a housing strategy for Britain 2011

One small Greek island’s relentless struggle to get by

2 December 2011 Chris Jones on what Greece's crisis means for daily life on the island of Samos

Cuba and the ‘updating of socialism’

1 December 2011 Stephen Wilkinson asks what transforming Cuba’s economy will mean. Below, Sandra Lewis responds

Beyond bling-bling: rap in Cuba

1 December 2011 Cuba’s isolation has seen hip hop develop in a different direction, discovers Sujatha Fernandes

Castro: Beautiful brushwork, imperfect picture

1 December 2011 Leigh Philips reviews Castro by Reinhard Kleist

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