November 2011

#nov30 – Striking back for all our futures!

30 November 2011 On the next steps for the trade unions following the tremendous #nov30 walkouts

Strike! – #nov30

29 November 2011 Show your support for the #nov30 strikers

Not just a knee-jerk

29 November 2011 Richard Seymour reviews The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin by Corey Robin

Sex-positive feminism

29 November 2011 Jennie O’Hara reviews Meat Market: Female Flesh under Capitalism, by Laurie Penny

Fox among the paintings

29 November 2011 Daisy Jones takes aim at BBC4’s quixotic attempt to wrap modernist art in a union jack

An Israeli spring?

28 November 2011 Miri Weingarten asks if Israel’s surge of social activism heralds a new dawn

From toe-hold to no hold: football and the EDL

28 November 2011 Jim Keoghan looks at the campaign to kick the English Defence League out of football

Somalia: shocking images aren’t enough

26 November 2011 Marilyn McHarg, from Médecins sans Frontières, argues that aid groups don't discuss the reasons for food shortages

Review: The Fear Factory

26 November 2011 Polemic documentary challenges sensationalist media portrayal of youth crime, but suffers from staid approach and lack of young voices, says Georgia Rooney

Fueling an oily future

24 November 2011 Art activists Platform look at BP's sponsorship of the Olympics

Mythbuster: The truth about the unions

23 November 2011 As the Tories and their pals in the press ratchet up the anti-strike rhetoric, Red Pepper knocks down some of the myths they throw at the unions

Event: Whatever happened to Parliamentary Socialism?

23 November 2011 Friday 25th November - Socialist Register editor Leo Panitch's lecture on Ralph Miliband

The Luddites: Everything you know is wrong!

18 November 2011 In a guest post, Dave King from Luddites200 takes a fresh look at this movement as it approaches its 200th anniversary

Fortnum & Mason trial: a convicted defendant writes

17 November 2011 Adam Ramsay is one of ten people found guilty of aggravated trespass for entering Fortnum & Mason as part of a UK Uncut protest. Here he gives his view

All work and no pay – the rise of workfare

16 November 2011 Anne-Marie O’Reilly and Warren Clark report on plans to extend ‘welfare-to-work’

Occupy Wall Street: ‘you can’t evict an idea’

15 November 2011 Occupy Wall Street released this statement after the authorites attempted a forced eviction

Police and the student protests

9 November 2011 Overkill or deliberate misinformation? Either way it looks they are starting to worry...

Malawi’s unsafe abortion toll

9 November 2011 A recent survey reveals that unsafe abortions are killing three women and girls daily in Malawi

Pay cut sparks electricians’ protest in Manchester

7 November 2011 Andy Bowman on how electricians from across the North West are fighting a co-ordinated attack on their pay and conditions

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