January 2011

Bad news and more bad news?

28 January 2011 Hugo Radice on the UK's latest GDP figures, and how they relate to the global economic context.

The Localism Bill – who benefits?

26 January 2011 Bob Colenutt on what the Localism Bill and the Big Society will mean in practice for local democracy.

The worst fears confirmed

25 January 2011 Elizabeth McGuirk explains the key proposals of the Health and Social Care Bill

Political designs for our times

24 January 2011 An interview with Josh MacPhee and Alec Icky Dunn of Signal, a new journal of international political graphics and culture

‘Our victory belongs to our young generation’

23 January 2011 Red Pepper’s Christine Morderbacher spoke to five Tunisians about recent events and the hopes they have for their country.

Policing the age of austerity

21 January 2011 Kevin Blowe on what the anti-cuts movement can expect from the police in the coming year.

A truly working class hero(ine)

19 January 2011 An obituary of Jeyaben Desai, by Pete Firmin of Brent Trades Union Council.

Be careful what you vote for

18 January 2011 Tom Fox on the Oldham East and Saddleworth byelection, and Labour's false renaissance.

Both a borrower and a lender be

17 January 2011 We should extend libraries far beyond books, argues Tim Hunt

Who are the spooks?

16 January 2011 Tilly Gifford from Plane Stupid on the infiltration of the environmental movement by the police and private security services.

Student article competition

14 January 2011 Win £100 of books and have your work published in Red Pepper

Tunisians break 23 years of silence

12 January 2011 After years of repression in the name of the war on terror, Tunisians are using the internet to exercise their freedom of speech. Christine Moderbacher reports.

Don’t be quiet please

11 January 2011 Donald Morrison looks at the struggle to save our libraries

Netroots UK: New wine into old bottles?

9 January 2011 Michael Calderbank on the challenges ahead for the online left.

Being led by Ed

7 January 2011 Alex Nunns asks what it would take for Ed Miliband’s win to mark a real progressive turn

Challenging ‘dodgy development’

7 January 2011 A new report by Richard Whittell and Eshwarappa M.

The ninth art meets the fourth estate

5 January 2011 Leigh Phillips traces the emergence of comic-book journalism

Community coalition

2 January 2011 Clare Williams explains the thinking behind an innovative, union-led alliance

Opposing the Murdoch media empire

2 January 2011 Granville Williams of the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom on the need to block the BSkyB takeover