April 2010

Trapped waiting

16 April 2010 Jerome Phelps exposes the secret indefinite detention of migrants

Killing by policies not pangas

16 April 2010 The Deadly Ideas of Neoliberalism: how the IMF has undermined public health and the fight against AIDS Rick Rowden Zed Books

International Money Fiends

16 April 2010 The International Monetary Fund devastated the developing world - and now it's targeting eastern Europe, writes Nick Dearden

Cracks in the system

16 April 2010 The squeeze on public spending is reaching its political limits in Greece. Pavlos Klavdianos analyses what this could mean for the ruling party, Pasok, and whether new alliances might emerge, with difficulty, to give political direction and focus to the growing disaffection

One night in the north

16 April 2010 John Robb celebrates the 20th anniversary of an event that captured the cultural and political moment, and a band whose anthemic, euphoric music for a brief time perfectly matched the sense of possibility and change

Contracts to corrupt

16 April 2010 Angola has been going through a process of widespread privatisation apparently at odds with the ruling party's left-wing reputation. Justin Pearce spoke to Rafael Marques, a campaigning journalist in the country

Zizek waits

16 April 2010 Violence by Slavoj Zizek (London, Profile Books 2009), reviewed by Clare Woodford

Rock and roll is about sticking it to the man …

9 April 2010 Seth Stauffer reviews No One Knows About Persian Cats

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