March 2010

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31 March 2010 Voluntary but rewarding position, closing date 16 April 2010

The deserted airport

30 March 2010 BA claims most flights still took off during the cabin crew strike. But our reporter at Heathrow isn't buying it

Beyond the casino state

28 March 2010 Watch Question Time – or any TV programme where politicians are on display – and it’s clear that our cover theme, turning David Cameron’s ‘we can’t go on like this’ back on him and all the main parties, sums up a popular mood. Disillusionment with politicians has fed into a deepening anger at the way […]

Is art falling off a cliff?

28 March 2010 Paul Elsam looks at The House, an 'artwork' on the edge

Don’t vote Labour – they don’t deserve it … do they?

27 March 2010 'Vote Labour to keep out the Tories' has been the default position of most of the left for decades, albeit with clothes pegs firmly affixed to noses. What other options are there? Does Labour deserve to lose? Certainly the Tories don't deserve to win. Michael Mansfield QC and Melissa Benn are both radical socialists with strong records of campaigning for human rights and social justice. But when it comes to how to vote they disagree strongly

Let me tell you something

27 March 2010 Stoke-on-Trent will be a key battleground against the BNP in the election. Jonathan Hounsdale and Tom Walker look at the racists' rise and meet some of the city's voters

On the picket line at BA

21 March 2010 Hundreds of striking British Airways cabin crew and their supporters were in high spirits today at dispute HQ – just across the road from London’s massive Heathrow airport. Scores of pickets were on duty from 6am and persistent rain failed to dampen the resolve of the Unite union members, who are fighting to save jobs […]

Booktopia: Salma Yaqoob

15 March 2010 The Quran No book has had a greater impact on me as the Quran. For Muslims, it is literally the word of God, and it acts as a guide in all aspects of life’s journey. Like all religious texts, its messages are contested and often used both by those who seek to oppress and those […]

Ireland rising

11 March 2010 The Irish trade union movement has missed a chance to defeat government plans to make ordinary people pay for an economic crash they didn't cause, writes Socialist Party MEP Joe Higgins

Bin there, won that

11 March 2010 A strike by refuse workers in Leeds triggered a wave of public support that contributed to victory for the strikers and shocked both sides in the dispute. Peter Lazenby reports

Government eats up the Greens

11 March 2010 Former leading Irish Green Party member Bronwen Maher rues her ex-colleagues' continuing support for the centre-right coalition government in Ireland

Cop out?

11 March 2010 As negotiations fell apart inside the Copenhagen climate conference, protesters from around the world came together outside. But was the counter-mobilisation a success? Ben Lear reports