November 2010

Have your steak and eat it

30 November 2010 Meat: a benign extravagance, by Simon Fairlie (Permanent Publications), reviewed by Christine Haigh

The case of the state

30 November 2010 Isabel Parrot assesses the continuing relevance of In and Against the State

Turbulent tome

30 November 2010 What Would it Mean to Win? by Turbulence Collective (PM Press), reviewed by James O’Nions

A need to go further

30 November 2010 The Rise of the Green Left, by Derek Wall (Pluto Press), reviewed by Peter McColl

Braver together

30 November 2010 The Language of Silence, by Merilyn Moos (Cressida Press/Writersworld), reviewed by Amanda Sebestyen

Absent voices

30 November 2010 Pornland: How porn has hijacked our sexuality, by Gail Dines (Beacon Press), reviewed by Jennie O’Hara

New radicals

30 November 2010 Lorna Stephenson looks at the US ‘Tea Party’ movement

Degrow or die?

30 November 2010 John Bellamy Foster opens a debate on ‘degrowth’, climate crisis and capitalism

Response: A constructive dialogue for change

30 November 2010 John Bellamy Foster's critique of capitalism's ecologically destructive nature is sound, writes Ted Benton, but we need to think less vaguely about bringing together a coalition for change

Spreading the pain

30 November 2010 Patients need health workers to take action on their behalf, says Mike Marqusee

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about genes

30 November 2010 Are our political opinions in the blood?

Less capitalism, more planet

30 November 2010 In the context of austerity, it can seem almost frivolous to continue to talk about climate change. It is not, writes James O'Nions

Town hall riot?

29 November 2010 Max Watson reports from a militant anti-cuts demo in Lewisham which was attacked by riot police

Packed with anger

29 November 2010 Samir Jeraj reports on the Coalition of Resistance conference

Banners high

29 November 2010 Peter Lazenby reviews an exhibition of the work of Britain’s most important trade union banner maker

Getting off our knees?

29 November 2010 As austerity bites across Europe, Leigh Phillips surveys the resistance

Student demo-lition

10 November 2010 Simon Augustus on the 10 November student protest

Feminism in London

1 November 2010 Jennie O’Hara goes to the second Feminism in London conference

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