October 2010

French anti-pensions reform movement heads toward defeat

26 October 2010 Leigh Phillips on the current state of the French trade union movements

An unsuitable case for treatment

10 October 2010 GP Jonathon Tomlinson tells how creeping privatisation has affected one of his patients

Striking for dignity in Spain

5 October 2010 Javier Navascués on the impact of Spain's general strike

Dismantling the NHS

1 October 2010 Stewart Player and Colin Leys expose the reality of the government's plans for the health service

Lula’s legacy

1 October 2010 Sue Branford asks what Lula has delivered in his eight years in power

The resistible rise of corporate power

1 October 2010 Corporate power has grown as regulation has receded - and the outsourcing of public services has played a major part in this growth of unaccountable economic power, writes Hilary Wainwright

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about immigration

1 October 2010 I’ve seen those criminals, bent double over the fields of Kent, up to no good

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