September 2009

30 September

30 September 2009 'My good friends, for the second time in our history a British prime minister has returned from Germany bringing peace with honour. I believe it is peace for our time.'


29 September 2009 jj

Honduras: another critical day

29 September 2009 James Wilde says there are signs that finally the US may be exerting its considerable influence on the Honduran establishment

29 September

29 September 2009 It's this column's author's birthday. The revolution - and the column - will have to wait.

Honduras suspends civil rights

28 September 2009 As president Manuel Zelaya urges supporters to march, the Honduran junta ban protests and suspend other civil rights

28 September

28 September 2009 The International Working Men's Association (the First International) was founded at a meeting in St Martin's Hall, London, on this day in 1864.

27 September

27 September 2009 On 27 September 1791, Jews were granted citizenship in revolutionary France. This was almost as remarkable as events on the same day in 1846, when a city appeared in the sky above Liverpool.

Clement Attlee

26 September 2009 ‘Democracy means government by discussion, but it is only effective if you can stop people talking.’ Former British prime minister Clement Attlee

Booktopia: James O’Nions

26 September 2009 Our new co-editor James O'Nions picks his favourite books

Less bread and circuses, more gas and noise bombs

26 September 2009 Poison gas, bread and photo opportunities on the 90th day of the Honduran coup, reports James Wilde

26 September

26 September 2009 The philosopher George Santayana died on this day in 1952. Santayana was the author of one of the most famous - and most misquoted - aphorisms of the 20th century: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Verso competition

25 September 2009 Win a copy of Hugo Chavez presents Simon Bolivar: The Bolivarian Revolution Simply answer correctly: Tariq Ali introduces the classic revolutionary writings of which other Latin American leader in Verso’s Revolutions! series?’ Email your answers here Competition excludes North America residents (sorry guys). Closing date for entry: 21 October 2009 First correct answer wins

25 September

25 September 2009 On 25 September 1924, the black poet Langston Hughes sent a letter to his friend and mentor, Howard University professor Alain Locke, from Genoa, in Italy.

Day 87 in Honduras

24 September 2009 Film-maker Oscar Estrada's observations on resistance in Honduras

Current press releases

24 September 2009 Food Fights (October – November issue)

Tense days in Tegucigalpa

24 September 2009 The International Accompaniment and Observation Delegation reports on the current situation in Honduras

Honduras: from repression to resistance

24 September 2009 Juan Almendares reports on the growing resistance movement to the Honduras coup

Honduras: civil rights and civil war

24 September 2009 James Wilde says civil war is now looking inevitable

24 September

24 September 2009 'Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.' Dr Seuss, the American writer and cartoonist died on this day in 1991.

Stockwell: The inquest into the death of Jean Charles de Menezes

23 September 2009 Amelia Nallamilli reviews the play that pieces together the final hours in the life Jean Charles de Menezes

A long day in Honduras closes

23 September 2009 James Wilde reports from Tegucigalpa, Honduras (Wednesday 23 September)

Too important to leave to the politicians

23 September 2009 The present crisis of confidence in parliament is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to change the system, argues Willie Sullivan, director of the new campaign Vote for a Change

What is democracy for?

23 September 2009 Elections are meant to be an opportunity for the public collectively to judicate on competing visions of the good society, but democracy has been eroded under a system that marginalises the majority, argues Neal Lawson

Stop the rot

23 September 2009 Responses from Salma Yaqoob and Peter Tatchell, Mark Serwotka

23 September

23 September 2009 The picture researcher was lying: he doesn't have a pet iguana named Ziggy (see [22 September->398]) and he can't even play guitar. The things some people will say to draw attention to themselves

22 September

22 September 2009 It's New Year's Day - or at any rate it is in the French republican calendar, which was used from 1793 to 1805.

Linton Kwesi Johnson headlines TUC concert

21 September 2009 Philosophy Football brings together a spellbinding lineup for the TUC, mixing ideas and entertainment around Rhyme, Rhythm and Reason

21 September

21 September 2009 Hieronymus Savonarola was born in 1452.

20 September

20 September 2009 'The Court is persuaded that Musa Anter, a political figure and a well-known pro-Kurdish writer, long known for his involvement in public life, was particularly likely to be attacked.' _ Article 2, Anter and others v. Turkey

19 September

19 September 2009 'I wouldn't go back there if Jesus Christ were president' _ Charlie Chaplin

18 September

18 September 2009 'I never would obey it. I had assisted thirty slaves to escape to Canada during the last month.

17 September

17 September 2009 'The Commission has come to the conclusion that the current military government in Haiti has perpetuated itself in power as a result of violence instigated by elements of the Haitian armed forces resulting in the massacre of Haitian voters on November 29, 1987 [and] the manipulation of the elections held on January 17, 1988' _ Organisation of American States' Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, September 1988

16 September

16 September 2009 'I have come to know that the International Bible Students Association is proclaiming erroneous teachings and under the cloak of religion follows hostile purposes against the State' _ Excerpt from the 'Declaration of Facts'

15 September

15 September 2009 'How hard it is to sing _ when I must sing of horror. _ Horror which I am living, _ horror which I am dying. _ To see myself among so much _ and so many moments of infinity _ in which silence and screams _ are the end of my song. _ What I see, I have never seen _ What I have felt and what I feel _ Will give birth to the moment ' Victor Jara, Estadio Chile, September 1973

The people reloaded

14 September 2009 Misguided western leftists may have their doubts about the Iranian mass movement against President Ahmadinejad's disputed election 'victory'. They should put them aside in the face of the new politics of revolt, write Morad Farhadpour and Omid Mehrgan

14 September

14 September 2009 'We, participants in the political process in South Africa, representing the political parties and organisations and governments indicated beneath our signatures, condemn the scourge of political violence which has afflicted our country and all such practices as have contributed to such violence in the past'

13 September

13 September 2009 'Sir, Lord Coleraine's disparaging comments on the Committee of 100 in your issue this morning recall the criticisms of the suffragette movement that I read in my schooldays. Mrs Pankhurst, the reviled leader of the 'screaming sisterhood', ended up with a statue in Westminster and Lord Russell will doubtless do the same.

12 September

12 September 2009 'September '77 _ Port Elizabeth weather fine _ It was business as usual _ In police room 619' _ Peter Gabriel, Biko

11 September

11 September 2009 'Only dead, they will force me out of the presidency' Salvador Allende

10 September

10 September 2009 'What planet is he living on?' _ President Mitterand on Ronald Reagan

9 September

9 September 2009 'God of the poor man, this is how the day began _ Eight co-defendants, I, Daniel Berrigan _ Oh and only a layman's batch of napalm _ We pulled the draft files out _ We burned them in the parking lot _ Better the files than the bodies of children _ I had no right but for the love of you _ I had no right but for the love of you' _ Dar Williams, I had no right

8 September

8 September 2009 'In those days there was something in a man's face which told you that he would die within the next 24 hours' _ Major Lozak, Soviet Army

7 September

7 September 2009 'As I began to crawl towards him, the gunfire broke out again, as angry and prolonged as before, and I froze where I lay. The sinister whirr of projectiles overhead, followed by four dull thuds, made me realise with horror that they were firing grenades as well.' _ Petros Vantyu,

6 September

6 September 2009 'At the church of Yeniköy, a lovely spot on the edge of the Bosporus, a priest of 75 was taken out into the street, stripped of every stitch of clothing, tied behind a car and dragged through the streets. They tried to tear the hair of another priest, but failing that, they scalped him, as they did many others.' _ Noel Barber, London Daily Mail

5 September

5 September 2009 'We fear for the future of all our children and for the future of the living world which is the basis of all life' _ Women for Life on Earth, Greenham Common

4 September

4 September 2009 Paul Robeson he's the man _ That faced the Ku Klux Klan _ On Hollow Grove's golfing ground _ His words come sounding _ And all around him there _ To jump and clap and cheer _ I sent the best I had, the best I had _ My thirty thousand _ Woody Guthrie, my thirty thousand

3 September

3 September 2009 We request the republic's president Dzasokhov, the president of Ingushetia Ziazikov, the children's doctor Rashailo for negotiations. If anyone of us is killed, we'll shoot 50 people. If anyone of us is wounded, we'll kill 20 people. If five of us are killed, we'll blow up everything. If the light, communication are cut off for a minute, we'll shoot 10 people. _ Cited at the trial session January 19, 2006

2 September

2 September 2009 'Remember, the storm is a good opportunity for the pine and the cypress to show their strength and their stability' Ho Chi Minh

China’s animal revolution rises

1 September 2009 Grassroot support and pressure for new animal protection is growing, says Dave Neale, animal welfare director of Animals Asia Foundation

1 September

1 September 2009 'This is crack cocaine seized a few days ago by Drug Enforcement agents in a park just across the street from the White House.

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