March 2008

Convention of the Left debate 2008

19 March 2008 This bold venture comes as a result of people from different left and radical traditions - or none - getting together in greater Manchester to say that there IS an alternative to Labour's policies of war and privatisation

School’s out for troops out

14 March 2008 Five years on from the invasion of Iraq, Lena de Casparis sounds out the views of some of those who were at school at the time - some who joined the big anti-war protests and some who didn't

The mega prison of Palestine

6 March 2008 Ilan Pappe sees a deliberately genocidal policy by Israel towards the Palestinians

When the enemy is at the door

6 March 2008 Will Atkinson talked to Ken Loach

Letting people speak

6 March 2008 Siobhan McGuirk talks to Kim Longinotto about the growing interest in documentaries, their potential power to move and stir people and explores what kind of documentaries give people a sense of agency

The films we miss and why

6 March 2008 There are some really interesting Italian films coming out – probably Hungarian, French and Polish ones too – but you’d never know it. We are still suffering the results of post-war agreements that gave the US film industry the power to dominate our culture as if films were like motor cars. The Italian champion of […]

East Timor forfeits its newest hero

5 March 2008 Following the attack on East Timor president Jose Ramos Hortes, Carole Reckinger and Sara Gonzalez Devant report on the complexities surrounding the current crisis

Asylum Watch: Mind your language

2 March 2008 The cuts in teaching English for speakers of other languages (Esol) spell disaster for the poorest and most vulnerable members of settled immigrant communities, asylum seekers and refugees. Hazel Healy reports