September 2007

A new politics of pluralism

28 September 2007 Mark Perryman asks why an effective left-of-Labour opposition has taken so long emerge - and what the prospects for it are now

The Short answer

28 September 2007 Powerful historical forces are at work in the Middle East, the global economy and the climate that will unpick the status quo, writes Clare Short. Can the left reinvent itself to meet the challenge?

The good, the bad and the future

27 September 2007 Lord Chris Smith of Finsbury sees a chance to shape a new radical agenda for Labour under Gordon Brown


26 September 2007 Solomon Hughes explains how a New Labour-backed think tank is a haven for lobbyists, big business and mercenary firms

Terror laws hit German left

24 September 2007 The past few months have seen a wave of repression unleashed in Germany. Houses, offices, social centres and bookshops have been raided by police and several people accused of 'membership of a terrorist organisation' - sometimes for as little as having written academic texts about 'gentrification'. Frank Meyer reports from Hamburg

Still life

24 September 2007 A latent radicalism still exists in the Labour Party, says defeated Labour deputy leadership contender Jon Cruddas. Now the left must tap it

Inside and outside left

24 September 2007 The left must build new coalitions of ideas and organisation, inside and outside Labour, that compel leaders to be as radical as possible and encourage the more radical to rise to the top, writes Neal Lawson

Much argument, many opinions

21 September 2007 Welcome to the new-look Red Pepper magazine and website. Let me put it in context. By Hilary Wainwright

The {Red Pepper} blogosphere

21 September 2007 Can't get enough of {Red Pepper} contributors in the magazine or on the rest of the website? Then welcome to the {Red Pepper} blogosphere.

Hepatitis C and me

20 September 2007 Anita Roddick, who helped fund the redesigned Red Pepper magazine and website, died from a hepatitis C-related brain haemorrhage in September 2007. Earlier that year she wrote about discovering she had the illness that is known as the 'silent killer' because so few people know they have it

When Red Pepper met Anita Roddick

20 September 2007 The redesigned Red Pepper magazine and website owes much to Anita Roddick, who died in September 2007. Tamanna Kalhar recalls meeting her

Burma crisis

20 September 2007 The Burmese military regime - in power since 1962 - has started to crack down on protests and resistance led by Buddhist monks. Tom Fawthrop reports from Thailand

Punish the warmongers: vote Lib Dem

20 September 2007 This article is one of a series on who to vote for. See this month's print magazine for Kierra Box on why 'The government always gets in' and former British ambassador Craig Murray on why 'A vote for Labour is a vote for torture'.

Your money, my body

17 September 2007 Following a series of murders of sex workers in Ipswich in December 2006, Red Pepper asked whether finally it was time to decriminalise prostitution. Juliet, a sex workers' rights activist, said it was. The anti-prostitution campaigners, Assumpta Sabuco Cantó and Charo Luque Gálvez, said it wasn't

No compromise over commercial sex

17 September 2007 Tina King says paying for sex can never be right

Dogmatic and deeply flawed

17 September 2007 Sociologist Tim Davies argues against the radical feminist position on prostitution

Family allowance

17 September 2007 Norman White explains why he pays for his son to see prostitutes

A woman’s choice

17 September 2007 'I'm a woman and I have paid for sex. My decision, my choice.' Kirsty Travers explains why she sees nothing wrong in hiring a prostitute

Why stay?

16 September 2007 Liz Davies was an active member of the Labour left between 1979 and 2001 and elected as a Grassroots Alliance candidate to the Labour Party's national executive committee between 1998 and 2000. Here she responds to Alex Nunn's essay and opens a debate that continues on the Red Pepper website and forum

What became of the Labour left?

16 September 2007 After more than a decade of a concerted attempt to silence the left in the Labour Party, Alex Nunns inquires into whether there is still life in this vital challenge to the power of the executive

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