May 2007

Payback Time

1 May 2007 Dear Auntie, As a lifelong feminist, I've always insisted on sharing the costs on dates. But I only work parttime and have money troubles, while the man I'm now seeing earns a lot more than me. So he always pays when we go out on dates.We've never talked about it but I feel awkward. Does that make me a bad feminist? Yours, Anne Elliot, Bath

The high cost of calling

1 May 2007 From its sourcing of materials to its disposal of toxic waste, with the whole production process in between, the mobile phone business is repeating the same discredited practices as longer established industries. Dave Sambrook reports

Politics outside the box

1 May 2007 Red Pepper's first issue came out 13 years ago this month, shortly before Tony Blair became Labour leader. As we celebrate outlasting him, and prepare for a new phase in our development (more of which later), Hilary Wainwright sets the wider scene for the independent left.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

1 May 2007 How far do you follow the three 'R's of a zero-waste lifestyle philosophy? Tamanna Kalhar suggests some key strategies to help you earn extra eco-friendly brownie points

The great Channel 4 climate swindle

1 May 2007 With a much-touted documentary telling the British public that climate change is all an unsubstantiated myth, Andy Bowman unpicks the shady politics and cod science of Channel 4's latest attempt to up its ratings

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