April 2007

A victory of sorts

1 April 2007 Katie Coyne reports on how a unique alliance of trade union leaders and campaigners halted the deportation of Alphonsus Uche Okafor- Mefor.

Casualisation still kills

1 April 2007 Construction has a fatality rate five times the all-industry average, and causes by far the highest number of deaths of any industry, write Steve Tombs and Dave Whyte.

Fool for you

1 April 2007 Behind the April Fool's Day pranks lies an ancient subversive tradition, Martin Wainwright writes

Alternative home sweet home

1 April 2007 There are many ways to provide housing outside the simple rent or buy culture that dominates society, write Paul Chatterton, Larch Maxey and Jenny Pickerill

Pump it

1 April 2007 Dear Auntie I have just got back into work after a lengthy period of unemployment. I tried really hard and after about 50 interviews succeeded. Ironically, I now work for a private training company trying to get the long term unemployed back into jobs.

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