December 2007

American interest

27 December 2007 The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy by John Mearsheimer and Stephen M Walt (Allen Lane 2007), reviewed by Richard Kuper

Blue grits and the Penthouse Party

22 December 2007 As Hillary Clinton sews up the Democrats' election campaign at the top, on the streets the 'blue grits', as Laura Flanders calls grass-roots Democrat and ex-Democrat activists, are reinventing electoral politics

Tax resistance

18 December 2007 Joe Jenkins reports on the the Peace Tax Seven, a group of conscientious objectors seeking a judicial review of the war tax policies in Britain

Bring on the clowns

18 December 2007 Don't Shoot the Clowns: Taking a circus to the children of Iraq Jo Wilding (New Internationalist, £8.99)

Keep throwing stones

18 December 2007 From the CAST theatre company to New Variety and the Hackney Empire, Roland and Claire Muldoon have been at the heart of cultural dissent for the past four decades. By Jane Shallice

Democratic deficits

17 December 2007 Gordon Brown is urging a debate on Britishness. But Britain is an essentially imperial project sustained today by subservience to the US, argues David Beetham, and judging by the new green paper on governance a democratic Britain is not about to be born

The commons, the state and transformative politics

17 December 2007 Hilary Wainwright examines how new technology and new forms of organisation are coming together to transform the left and labour movements, political representation and democracy

Babes without spice

14 December 2007 Laurie Penny explains what it means to have hopes dashed twice, first by the Spice Girls and second by Blair's Babes

You’re booked

14 December 2007 Sports books fill the bestseller lists every Christmas. Anne Coddington and Mark Perryman examine the rise and rise of the new sports writing


13 December 2007 Comedian Mark Thomas on his top books

Democracy diary

10 December 2007 Hilary Wainwright reports from Caracas on Venezuela's referendum - and the next steps towards reform

Cleaner minded

8 December 2007 Dear Auntie, I live in a house with several friends and while I enjoy the ritual weekly clean they are lazy, so have suggested we hire a cleaner. I am uncomfortable about the idea of hiring someone to be our servant when we have plenty of time and are perfectly capable of doing our own cleaning. Does Auntie have a cleaner? And what does she think of the idea of hiring one? Ms Spick and Span

Europe bids fond farewell to England

6 December 2007 What is to be done about the England football team? Mark Perryman has six points for fans to ponder

Globalisation is good for you

3 December 2007 The nation state can no longer deliver the left’s global agenda, says Nigel Harris. Globalisation is our best hope of reducing world poverty, he says Robin Blackburn replies with some ideas for a new system of global welfare Join the debate on the Red Pepper forum Other Red Pepper debates

Globalisation is good for you

3 December 2007 Many socialists look to the state as the decisive instrument of social change. Nigel Harris argues that, on the contrary, nation states, with their priorities and resources focused on maintaining power through military might, hold back the reduction of poverty. He insists that globalisation, despite all of its ambiguities, is essentially a liberation from the shackles of the competing nation state. We have to look to NGOs and social and labour movements to constrain the market, he says.

Global welfare

3 December 2007 Nigel Harris exaggerates when he writes of a new global civil society, says Robin Blackburn. In reality, it is tiny, fragmented and lacking any transformative perspective. Adding to Harris's 'global left agenda', Blackburn suggests how the corporations that run the world can be made to pay for a new system of global welfare

Car crash on the left

2 December 2007 The increasingly bitter division of Respect into two conflicting factions looks set to destroy the most effective electoral challenge to the left of Labour in many years. Alex Nunns spoke to the main protagonists on either side of the split

Sons of the Clouds

1 December 2007 More than 30 years since the end of Spanish colonial rule, the Sahrawi people are still awaiting self-determination and an end to Moroccan occupation. Toby Shelley reports from Mauritania, where a forgotten Sahwari population lives in a permanent state of transit

Iraq’s homophobic terror

1 December 2007 Peter Tatchell reports on the plight of gay and lesbian Iraqis targeted for execution by Islamist death squads

Pulling the plug on private water

1 December 2007 A little known body at the World Bank is behind the privatisation of water worldwide. Vicky Cann exposes it to public view.

For the love of oil

1 December 2007 Iranian author Mehri Honarbin-Holliday reminds us of the nefarious history of the crushing of Iranian democracy by the US and UK, and describes the peaceful efforts of a new generation of Iranian youth to build it in the beleaguered circumstances of a sanctions-imprisoned Iran

The left has only itself to blame

1 December 2007 The right-wing election victory in France should never have happened, writes Philippe Marlière.

European unions of the people

1 December 2007 Giulio Marcon and Duccio Zola survey the resistance to privatisation across Europe, highlighting the role of pan-European trade union initiatives and a growing alliance between social movements and the unions

Never mind the Baluch

1 December 2007 While Pakistan and Iran terrorise their Baluchi minorities, the British government has designated the Baluchistan Liberation Army as 'terrorist'. Ben Hayes reports