October 2007

Red questions seeking green answers

28 October 2007 Mary Mellor poses some socialist questions for greens

A class act in Oxford

28 October 2007 A small left party, pro-working class and anti-multiculturalism, has been winning council seats on Britain's largest council estate. Zoe Jewell reports

Blogging a protest

26 October 2007 After the first parliamentary meeting organised by bloggers from across the political spectrum, Chris White asks if 'open-source campaigning' could take off

Anita Roddick

25 October 2007 The redesigned Red Pepper magazine and website owe much to Anita Roddick, who died from a hepatitis C-related brain haemorrhage in September. Tamanna Kalhar recalls meeting Anita Roddick in When Red Pepper met Anita Roddick while Anita herself writes about Hepatitis C and me in an article first published in 2007

Searching for Che

25 October 2007 What is the significance of Che Guevara's legacy for contemporary Latin America? Nick Buxton travelled to the place of his death in Vallegrande, Bolivia, to find out

Not for little sister

25 October 2007 Laurie Penny finds only middle-class male fantasy in Billie Piper's call girl

Green is the new red

21 October 2007 Peter Tatchell argues the Greens are now the only credible radical left-wing alternative and the best hope for advancing a progressive political agenda

A global war on labour?

16 October 2007 The number of trade unionists killed, arrested or 'just' dismissed in the pursuit of their members rights has increased alarmingly over the past year, according to a survey by the International Trade Union Confederation. Italian labour journalist Vittorio Longhi, interviews ITUC general secretary Guy Ryder about these and other issues facing the international trade union movement

Pluto threatened over Israel book

16 October 2007 The publication of Joel Kovel's Overcoming Zionism has once again stoked controversy in the United States over academic criticism of Israel. David Castle, from the book's British publisher Pluto Press, argues that lobbying to silence criticism weakens the very academic debate the book's opponents claim to be defending.

Send in the clowns: Italy’s ‘V-Day’

11 October 2007 When mop-haired, finger-wagging comedian Beppe Grillo called for a day of action to tell Italian politicians to 'Go fuck yourself', huge numbers of people took part. Stefano Decicco reports on the man who organised Italy's 'V-Day'

Where to buy Red Pepper

8 October 2007 Red Pepper is available from the following UK bookstores, for details on newsagents and international stockists please email office[at]redpepper.org.uk

Agro-fooling ourselves

4 October 2007 EU and US targets and subsidies are fuelling a growing demand for 'agrofuels'. Far from being a sustainable energy source, the increased cultivation of crops for fuel threatens the world's poor with starvation, damages biodiversity and even contributes to global warming, argues Oscar Reyes

Hypertext heroines

4 October 2007 Feminism is back - and this time it's hypertextual. Laurie Penny reports on the new women's spaces on the web

After shock

3 October 2007 From Poland to Iraq and from China to New Orleans, neoliberalism has risen on the back of what Naomi Klein calls 'disaster capitalism'. She spoke to Oscar Reyes about her new book, The Shock Doctrine, and new forms of resistance

China’s pollution solution

3 October 2007 With China now leading the list of global polluters, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) play an increasingly important role in tackling the country's environmental challenges. Lucia Green-Weiskel reports from Beijing on the dilemmas facing civil society groups in working with China's authoritarian state

Power to which people?

3 October 2007 The government is promising 'devolution right to the doorstep' as a means of reinvigorating local democracy. A pilot participatory budget making project, whereby people can 'have a direct say' in how their taxes are spent, has been running in Salford. Stephen Kingston questions its democratic credentials

Voices of descent

3 October 2007 Addressing climate change can seem a colossal task. Melanie Jarman reports on the emerging 'transition town' movement, which is encouraging citizens' participation in long-term planning to change energy use at a local level

Pitch battles

3 October 2007 Anne Coddington and Mark Perryman introduce the fan-led counterculture resisting football's transformation from people's game to corporate plaything

Whatever does it take?

2 October 2007 The sooner the left gives up on Labour, the sooner it can begin to organise for real change, says John Nicholson

Facing up to Facebook

2 October 2007 Dear Auntie, _ I'm addicted to Facebook, spending days online desperate to add more 'friends' to my profile and consumed with the need to spill the most intimate details about my life. What should I do? _ Lost in Cyberspace

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