June 2006

Don’t bank on it

1 June 2006 With its poor track record on poverty, should the World Bank play a role in resolving the climate crisis?

Fissile fantasies

1 June 2006 The nuclear industry has always had something of the absurd about it. Efforts to recover its lost glory by painting itself green is just the latest example of this.

We are the European people

1 June 2006 An innovative survey of activists across Europe casts light on the successes and failures of the continent’s social movements and the problems and challenges that they face

Why French and Dutch citizens are saying NO

1 June 2006 The French referendum on the EU constitution takes place on 29 May, followed by a similar referendum in The Netherlands on 1 June. Opinions polls show the 'no' side edging ahead, but in both countries it's still too close to call. The following virtual interview is based on presentations given at the Transnational Institute (TNI) Fellows' Meeting in Amsterdam on 21 May.

The eyes have it

1 June 2006 Fed up with the mainstream news agenda? Got a story to tell but no contacts to help you? Then arm yourself with a video camera and follow Suzanne Fane-Saunders’ tips for guerilla filming and let the credits roll

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