April 2006

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1 April 2006 If you would like to reuse an article from Red Pepper either in print or online, please contact us first. There are many options available, with free usage for non profit campaign groups and activist blogs – just tell us first!

Is the party over?

1 April 2006 The 2007 Scottish elections are being billed as ‘make or break’ for the Scottish Socialist Party, which has struggled to build on its electoral breakthrough in 2003. Gregor Gall argues that its success is crucial to the left both north and south of the border

The Torture Line

1 April 2006 The British government has tried to play down its role in rendition – the illegal removal of suspects from one country to another for questioning and, in some cases, torture. But there is mounting evidence that the Foreign Office, armed forces and intelligence services are complicit in this process, exposing British citizens and residents to ‘coercive interrogation’ techniques and opening up British airspace to US ‘torture flights’.

Venezuela’s new model army

1 April 2006 It was all very mysterious; but indicative of the seemingly random way things can happen in Venezuela. I had only a few days left in Caracas after the 2006 World Social Forum.

Arming US aggression

1 April 2006 It isn't just arms exports to dictatorships we should be concerned about, says James O'Nions. UK companies arm the world's greatest aggressor - the US.

American Health

1 April 2006 As an American, I watch in astonishment when other countries debate whether to import anything resembling American health insurance companies into their health care systems.

Shopping without cruelty

1 April 2006 No excuses. How to make sure that your shopping is cruelty free