March 2006

The new (and old) Hamas

1 March 2006 What lay behind the sweeping victory of Hamas in the Palestinian elections – and what will it do with its new-found power?

Not safe in their hands

1 March 2006 New Labour is in the process of achieving what Thatcher didn’t dare – the demolition of the National Health Service

Who will speak for us?

1 March 2006 There is a deepening crisis of political representation in the UK. As the main parties narrow the electoral contest to a diminishing patch of ‘centre-ground’, who will give voice to those whose views are unrepresented? Hilary Wainwright considers the political challenge facing the left

Spring cleaning the eco-friendly way

1 March 2006 Get ready to spring clean the house while retaining a toxic-free environment with Joanna Peios

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