September 2004

Can Christianity and communism mix?

1 September 2004 Dear Subcomandauntie, I've been reading into communism and socialism and have found that they reflect most of my beliefs. But I have one small problem: I'm a Christian, though I am pro-choice, an evolutionist and have problems with the church. But some communist websites I've been reading say that communism and Christianity don't mix - even though they have common beliefs about helping the poor and share and share alike. I'm trying to find my place on the political spectrum and it seems nowhere will have me. Can you suggest any societies or groups where I might fit in? Yours, Lost Sheep

Chavez sweeps to victory in Venezuela’s referendum

1 September 2004 The referendum victory takes the Venezuelan revolution to a new stage, writes David Raby

The people vs the corporate polluters

1 September 2004 Campaigners in the US are pioneering the use of civil lawsuits to force business to act on climate change, writes Melanie Jarman

The abiding relevance of the trade union movement

1 September 2004 Guest editor Natfhe general-secretary Paul Mackney introduces this month's Red Pepper features

Internationale Rescue

1 September 2004 The year is 1996, and 21-year-old Ilya Ponomarev, typical of Russia's new breed of young entrepreneurs, is making the most of the market opportunities opened up by perestroika. At 15 he had set up his own computer-programming company, achieving a $10m turnover in two years. At 24 he became the youngest ever vice-president of the giant Russian oil company Yukos.

Dig for victory

1 September 2004 Armed with nothing more than trowels and a vision, guerilla gardeners are part Alan Titchmarsh, part Che Guevara. Their green acts of disobedience are transforming cityscapes around the world. By Joanne Clarkson

GIs against the war

1 September 2004 As the war in Iraq seethes, dissent among US military personnel and their families is growing. The anti-war campaign Military Families Speak Out began with two families in November 2002; now more than 1,500 families are members.

Paul Foot 1937-2004

1 September 2004 Paul Foot did not simply believe in socialism from below; he positively exuded the values that make it possible: anger against injustice, relentless exposure and mockery of the ruling class, a deep belief in the capacity of people to bring about change through their own collective action, warmth and generosity of spirit, and a detestation of both sectarianism and self-importance.

Danger: people at work

1 September 2004 This year, just like every year, there has been a catalogue of horrific mass killings at work.

“Whiplash” Wilko

1 September 2004 Mark Barnsley reports on the high-street hardware store growing fat on the profits of prison slavery

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